Using TV In An Internet World

Written by Kevin Nunley

For some reason, a lot of beginning net entrepreneurs think that just because their business is Internet-based that all their advertising must be as well. However, withrepparttar recent explosion of dot-com commercials (just look atrepparttar 124492 Superbowl!), it has become apparent that television is a great medium for advertising your e-business.

Don't letrepparttar 124493 horror stories aboutrepparttar 124494 expense of TV commercials deter you. With a little creativity, even a small business with a limited budget can afford to run an effective TV ad campaign.


One ofrepparttar 124495 most expensive parts of advertising on TV is getting your commercial produced. That average 30 second TV spot costs around $200,000 to produce. Of course, you can find far, far cheaper ways to get an affordable spot.

Your commercial should look professional. Any touch of amateurism will sink your spot fromrepparttar 124496 beginning (unlessrepparttar 124497 junk look is part of a gimmick that makes sense to viewers).

TV production equipment used to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now anyone can own a digital video camera that gives a professional film look. The cost of these cameras is $1,500 or less making it possible for one person production houses to do work up to Hollywood standards.

Find out who does small-time, inexpensive TV production by checking your yellow pages, callingrepparttar 124498 creative director at a local ad agency, or contactingrepparttar 124499 production departments of TV stations in your area. Everyone in media knows everyone else and will be happy to give yourepparttar 124500 name of a friend that does low-cost work.

Forget expensive actors. Run video of your product or service in action and have a professional announcer read your copy. Check local radio stations for a DJ who has a pleasing voice and good delivery. Offer them $50 to read your 30 second copy.


TV prices have been coming down for over a decade. There used to be just three network TV stations in your town. Now you likely have FOX, WB, UPN, several other independents, and a bevy of low power TV stations. You may have 100 more channels available on cable. You have a neighborhood video store stacked with choices...and digital video delivery is just aroundrepparttar 124501 corner.


Written by David Seitz

Are you takingrepparttar time to market your site offrepparttar 124491 web? If not, you could be missing valuable contacts!

I use a technique to market my websites offline that has created a steady flow of new contacts and reached out to people that would normally never come in contact with me, or any of my websites.

I take advantage of reverse mail for several reasons:

* It costs pennies to produce * It's almost guaranteed to be read * It's free to mail.

So, you're asking, what does it involve? It's really quite simple. I use customized Post-it™ notes, you know,repparttar 124492 small paper pads withrepparttar 124493 sticky backs. I have custom pads created with my web address and name printed on them. They are inexpensive to produce and add a personal touch. You can create your own rather quickly at iprint:

I place a Post-it™ note on every single piece of mail leaving my office and home, including bills! Bills, you say? YES, BILLS! I recently received a client who spent $2500 on my graphic design services after seeing one of my Post-it™ notes! Know where they saw it? Atrepparttar 124494 gas company! Turns out a lady working inrepparttar 124495 billing department had a sister who was opening a bridal shop and needed a logo and flyer created. She noticedrepparttar 124496 note stuck to my gas bill. Because ofrepparttar 124497 personal message I wrote, she decided to contact me.

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