Using Music To Calm Your Baby

Written by JT

Music is a wonderful way for you to calm and soothe your baby, especially duringrepparttar first year. How many times have your heard parents say that there was nothing that they could do with their crying, fussing baby until they tried music. This is because music does indeed sootherepparttar 142258 savage beast, or in this case,repparttar 142259 baby.

There are certain distinct sounds that have been proven to calm even fussy babies:repparttar 142260 sounds of nature, white noise, and music. Even if your baby isn't fussing or crying you may want to use music as often as you can to encourage that feeling of calm and peacefulness. All it takes is a few minutes every day and before you know it your baby will be looking forward to hearing that certain song emanating fromrepparttar 142261 CD player.

There is nothing complicated or mysterious about introducing your baby to music from day one. You don't need to search forrepparttar 142262 perfect song or a certain type of music. All you have to do is start by having your baby listen to your favorite songs and music. If jazz is onrepparttar 142263 top of your list, let your baby listen torepparttar 142264 sounds of John Coltrane as he sits in his baby seat watching you inrepparttar 142265 kitchen. It doesn't matter if you playrepparttar 142266 schmaltzy songs ofrepparttar 142267 eighties or some wicked African beat, your baby is going to listen and his mood is going to be altered by any musical sound that he hears.

Got substance...with your child?

Written by Lesley Spencer

How would your child answerrepparttar question, “Who knows you better -- us or your friends?" We hope our children answer us, but would they? What about those deep conversations with your son or daughter that truly allow you into their world? Do you knowrepparttar 142178 last time they cried or why they cried? Do they come to you with celebrations or things they are excited about? Or do they go to their friends? Where would they go in a crisis? Do they consider you a safe place to come if they needed help or guidance in their life? What about just to share a unique joy or something fun that happened during their day? Who would berepparttar 142179 first person they would tell? If your kids would not come to you, perhaps now isrepparttar 142180 time to make that an appealing and natural option for them. What are some ways you can enter into your child's life and really become part of their world? Here are a few suggestions. The idea is to spend time with our children strengthening our relationship and openingrepparttar 142181 lines of communication with them. • Parent / Child Date Night - This could be dinner out or simply asking your child what he or she would most want to do with you on your special night out. If possible, treat each child to his or her own date night with mom or dad. • Boy’s / Girl’s Weekend Away – This could be an inexpensive camping trip or a hotel getaway for justrepparttar 142182 boys or justrepparttar 142183 girls. • Family Game Night – A great way to getrepparttar 142184 family laughing and having fun. Interacting as a family strengthens your bond and opensrepparttar 142185 lines of communication. • Dinner Time – Make it a point to eat dinner together every night if possible. Start a tradition of discussingrepparttar 142186 best thing that happened that day or what you are most thankful for that day – anything to get a positive conversation going with your family.

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