Using Mini Websites- Powerful way to direct marketing

Written by Arun Tibrewal

Mini Websites arerepparttar most powerful and cost effective solution to promote and market your brand. Normally people go for a large site which have 100ís of pages of selling nos. products, which confuse visitor and most ofrepparttar 136432 pages remains unviewed byrepparttar 136433 visitor. Generally people dorepparttar 136434 search in search engines on specific topic and like to getrepparttar 136435 specific results only. The normal web surfer spends very little time on sites and does not go beyond 3 to 5 clicks on a site. Ifrepparttar 136436 visitor landed at your site and does not found what he was looking for in first two clicks he will automatically switch to another site which he found more relevant. I always advocaterepparttar 136437 concept of direct marketing as it provide user more time to do research on specific product.

Even if you are a small business owner or an enterprise, offering your products in internet, mini sites will give you advantage over your competitors. Say for example if a surfer searches for Donuts and found 100,s of sites selling donuts, he hasrepparttar 136438 minimum time to brows allrepparttar 136439 pages ofrepparttar 136440 site. He will give more value torepparttar 136441 sites which offers directly donuts torepparttar 136442 sites which first explain aboutrepparttar 136443 company and so on. Direct marketing is very much effective and people give value to straight forward honest offers. Now a days people fill there sites with most irrelevant contents as per instructions of any search engine optimizer, which drives visitor away from site as he has so many options to choose.

Capitalization of visitor psychology is an important aspect of direct marketing. Say for example a visitor landed at your site and at home page you display your offers will force him to brows your site to find more informationís, after all he needs donuts and searched for that. Take a look atrepparttar 136444 examples contents of a donut selling site below and decide yourself which one you prefer.

Site one: Welcome to our site, we produce best of products in world. We have pizzas, donuts, burgers and blab blab blab. We are established on kwak kwak kwak withrepparttar 136445 vision of our founder Mr. XYZ and also greet your visitor with an eye catching animation.

Site two: Looking for donuts? You have come torepparttar 136446 right place for donuts. Below are our regular offerings along withrepparttar 136447 price, Check out todays special what we have only for you. Like a custom donut of your choice click here and like to know more about us click here.

Top 5 Online Press Release Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Written by Ted Kushner

Copyright 2005 Ted Kushner

Did you know that using online press releases is one ofrepparttar most powerful ways for almost instantly driving hundreds or even thousands of potential targeted customers to your new product, web site or newsletter?

Within hours of having your press release distributed overrepparttar 136372 Internet your press release could be picked up by some ofrepparttar 136373 major online news networks like Google News and Yahoo News.

And then within days or just a few weeks they will begin to show up inrepparttar 136374 natural search engine results ofrepparttar 136375 major search engines.

Nowhere can you achieve so much publicity for so little effort. But let me explain what I mean by 'so little effort'.

Even though press releases are a powerful marketing tool that everyone should be using as one of their marketing methods you need to do a little research before just whipping one up.

As someone who uses press releases quite often in marketing of new products and web sites I have seen and learned how to avoid some common errors in writing my press releases.

Avoiding these errors can meanrepparttar 136376 difference in driving a few hundred visitors to your new web site or product to receiving thousands of targeted hits forrepparttar 136377 same amount of effort.

So what are these mistakes? And how do you avoid them?

Mistake #1- Not focusing on a main theme.

You need to determine whatrepparttar 136378 key purpose of your press release will be about. You don't want to target multiple items inrepparttar 136379 same release.

If you just released 10 new software products this week you don't want to talk write about all of them at one time, pick one and focus on it and get your audience excited about it.

Once their curiousity is peaked they will click on your link to get additional information and that is what you want.. You can always do multiple releases for each product.

Mistake #2- Not researchingrepparttar 136380 keywords you want to target before hand.

You want to do a little keyword research based onrepparttar 136381 concept of your press release. Why would you want to do keyword research for a press release? Because you need to optimize your press release so that it will rank high inrepparttar 136382 natural search engine results once it gets picked up by Google, MSN or Yahoo.

I normally target a keyword that has a decent amount of monthly searches but has little to moderate competition from highly optimized web sites.

You can determine this by doing a search on Google and seeing how many web sites are competing forrepparttar 136383 same term. You also want to see ifrepparttar 136384 keyword is being used inrepparttar 136385 title and ifrepparttar 136386 web site(s) haverepparttar 136387 term in their top level domain name.

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