Using Link Placement Analysis to Maximize Profits

Written by Craig Desorcy

Let us assume for a moment that your web site is a store. Not a piece of virtual property, but a real one. Standing behindrepparttar counter, you notice where customers flow as they travel around your carefully constructed displays.

Taking note of this behavior, you decide to putrepparttar 139998 latest special offers alongrepparttar 139999 most visited path throughrepparttar 140000 store. Each offer, of course, placed strategically alongside competing products.

Then, you sit back and watch, as visitors decide to stop and stare atrepparttar 140001 displays, ignore them and walk off, or pick up a product and put it in their basket.

Very quickly, you learn which offers work, which do not, and which never even get seen.

Now translate this intorepparttar 140002 virtual world. Your customers navigate by clicking on links. So,repparttar 140003 question is, do you knowrepparttar 140004 links being clicked? If not, you will miss out on sales, and hence profits.

One ofrepparttar 140005 most innovative schemes to date has to berepparttar 140006 Google AdSense project. It works so well becauserepparttar 140007 adverts presented matchrepparttar 140008 surrounding content.

Trapping which adverts are clicked, and which are not, will put you in a position to optimizerepparttar 140009 presentation so that you maximizerepparttar 140010 click-through ratio of each AdSense block.

This works in so many different ways that you could be multiplying your sales by simply reusingrepparttar 140011 same techniques and wording presented by AdSense inrepparttar 140012 rest of your site.

Are you getting screwed by an SEO company?

Written by Ratliff J

If you have done business with or have been contacted by an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company, here are a few things to watch out for.

#1. Guaranteed Rankings. Nobody can guarantee rankings. Period. There are no guarantees in true SEO. If you are being guaranteed a #1 spot, it is time to delete their email or ask for a refund. Hopefully you will not be caught up in this lie.

#2. You must resubmit your website every week. Total baloney. You absolutely should NOT resubmit your website constantly. You may need to submit every 4-5 months if that. Resubmitting every week is more likely to get you banned than to get you better rankings.

#3. Meta Tags are no longer needed. Another line that is false. Meta tags are still important, and MSN uses them frequently. Don't believe this lie!

#4. We did everything we can, but somebody is messing with your website! Totally false in most cases. Nobody is going to hack your website and just change crap to make it rank lower. This is usually an excuse when their "guaranteed rankings" do not work, which is allrepparttar time!

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