Using Keywords in the Body: Put Them Here, Put Them There, Put Them Everywhere!

Written by Janet L. Hall

Using Keywords inrepparttar Body: Put Them Here, Put Them There, Put Them Everywhere! By: Janet L. Hall

The keywords you are using MUST be reflected inrepparttar 128049 page content,repparttar 128050 BODY, ofrepparttar 128051 web page you are trying to improve or build.

There are many places you can, and should place your keywords to help you get a higher ranking inrepparttar 128052 search engines; remember, this isrepparttar 128053 ultimate goal. People searching for you WON’T find you if you don’t use your keywords throughout your web page!

TOP Seven Areas to Place Your Keywords inrepparttar 128054 BODY of Your Web Pages:

1.Beginning and nearrepparttar 128055 top of web page. 2.Headlines (Headings) and Subtitles. 3.Links. 4.Site Address in Links. 5.Name of Images. 6.ALT (Image) TAGS. 7.Background Images.

This month we'll look atrepparttar 128056 top first four, one at a time, and next month we'll finish up withrepparttar 128057 last three.

We continue building and organizing your web page from last time by insertingrepparttar 128058 BODY TAG: This TAG is automatically inserted for you by FrontPage and probably other web page design software after your ending or closing HEAD TAG

1. Beginning and nearrepparttar 128059 top of web page : Here you want to type in a paragraph, or more, of information about your services, products, or yourself, being sure to incorporate and userepparttar 128060 KEYWORDS you have selected for that page. Get your most important and relevant keywords as close torepparttar 128061 top of your web page.

Many designers and beginners put logos, images, or banners nearrepparttar 128062 top of their web page. Bad mistake! This can cause some ofrepparttar 128063 search engine spiders to be “caught inrepparttar 128064 web,” so to speak. They can’t readrepparttar 128065 image, so they stop retrieving information from your web page and web site; they move on to another web site to spider. They might be able to retrieverepparttar 128066 first few lines on that page, and those lines of text might get used asrepparttar 128067 description of your site when someone is searching for you. Since search engines seem to be in a constant change of what they want, it’s important that your first few lines of text be your most important information, with your most important keywords in there!

According to, “Makerepparttar 128068 first 25 words in repparttar 128069 body of your page keyword rich…Spread your keyword phrases throughoutrepparttar 128070 body ofrepparttar 128071 page in natural sounding paragraphs. Put a keyword atrepparttar 128072 end of your body text as well.”

Another trick you might try to boost your keyword relevance is by putting your keyword phrases in bold in your BODY text.

2. Headlines (Headings) and Subtitles: The headlines, subtitles, and titles inrepparttar 128073 BODY of your web page are considered headings. Not to be confused with repparttar 128074 HEAD TAG I wrote about in issue 5 of OverHall IT! ( )

Heading TAGS are numbered, one,

, beingrepparttar 128075 most important and largest. The Heading TAG is written as:



, and so on. The ending or closing TAG is written as:

, , , and so on.

Heading TAG Sample:

OverHall IT!

3. Links are usually presented on your web page as blue text and underlined. Links to other pages on your web site or to another web site are always writtenrepparttar 128076 same, withrepparttar 128077 exception that you placerepparttar 128078 web address (URL) ofrepparttar 128079 web site or page that you want people to go to. It is also another place you can place your keywords. Below is an example of a link to my web’s home page:

Click here to get organized

Noticerepparttar 128080 opening TAG is andrepparttar 128081 closing TAG is . Afterrepparttar 128082 first quotation sign you type inrepparttar 128083 web site address or web page you are linking to. Next, insert another quotation mark, then a bracket, after which you typerepparttar 128084 text that you want to be blue, underlined, and containing your keywords;repparttar 128085 words that a person will click on to move torepparttar 128086 web site or page you have linked to. Then your closing TAG .

Here is an example of linking from my home page to another: O rganizing tips and Organizing articles

Field of Dreams: Getting a Homerun With Your Keywords

Written by Janet L. Hall

Field of Dreams: Getting a Homerun With Your Keywords By: Janet L. Hall

“If you build it they will come,” fromrepparttar movie Field of Dreams has become a popular phrase among newbies torepparttar 128048 Internet, uneducated web site owners, and those filled with dreams of getting rich quick. That phrase is far fromrepparttar 128049 truth when it comes to your web site.

Many factors and variables come into play when trying to get people to come to your web site, one of which is your choice of keywords.

If you’re using Microsoft FrontPage or a similar software package to create your web pages, guess what? Keywords, page titles, descriptions, and META TAGS are NOT automatically put on your pages. These important variables may be missing from your pages unless you enterrepparttar 128050 information yourself.

Even worse, if you’ve hired someone to design your site and pages for you and they don’t know how important these variables are and aren’t including them…no one will find you, your services, your products…no sales, no business.

The key to STARTING your field of dreams is to determinerepparttar 128051 keywords people are using to find your web site ORrepparttar 128052 number one keywords that are getting your competitorsrepparttar 128053 top rankings inrepparttar 128054 search pages. Please remember, this is justrepparttar 128055 beginning, you have a lot more to learn, such as where to placerepparttar 128056 keywords on your web pages, how many, and much much more.

In turn, each search engine has it's own set of criteria or requirements to enable your web site to be ranked nearrepparttar 128057 top ofrepparttar 128058 search pages. And some, you can even buy your way torepparttar 128059 top ofrepparttar 128060 pages.

So, how do you determine what keywords you need on your pages to make a home run?

Seven Homerun Keyword Strategies:

Game Plan: Write out a list of keywords and have your friends, family, and client's review for suggestions. Select two to three dozen that arerepparttar 128061 most important for your web pages. (NOTE - Each page on your site should have it's own keywords.) If you already have keywords - this is a good time to * OverHall * them .

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