Using Herbs to Improve Your Quality of Life

Written by Burgundy Shank

The world that we live in today is full of deadlines, traffic jams, convenience foods and sedentary activities. In our struggle to make life easier and more efficient, I think people have actually made their lives more complicated by making more room forrepparttar mundane and insignificant, and losing focus on whatís really important. Atrepparttar 135111 end ofrepparttar 135112 day, nothing really matters if youíve busied yourself to exhaustion and donít have time to enjoy all ofrepparttar 135113 good things that life has to offer.

Ironically, thatís why weíre so busy inrepparttar 135114 first place. We work long hours to make a decent amount of pay so we can enjoyrepparttar 135115 nicest cars, eat out atrepparttar 135116 fanciest restaurants, and wearrepparttar 135117 best clothing. Donít get me wrong Ė Iím not saying that these things are bad. I enjoy a good meal out and a nice pair of new shoes like most people would. What Iím saying is that weíre avoidingrepparttar 135118 thing that REALLY makes us who we are Ė our inner self.

How often doesrepparttar 135119 average person take time out to do things that makes us truly grounded? I canít give you statistical data, but answerrepparttar 135120 question for yourself. What kinds of things do you do each day to connect withrepparttar 135121 earth? Do you garden, go hiking, play an outdoor sport or recycle? Do you meditate often? When wasrepparttar 135122 last time you prepared a meal that didnít come from a box, can or fast food window? If youírerepparttar 135123 average busy person, you may have to think for quite a bit before coming up with an answer.

I think one ofrepparttar 135124 most important things we can do to keep ourselves lively and healthy is to somehow connect withrepparttar 135125 earth on a regular basis. You donít have to be a hippie or tree-hugger to do it either. Iím talking about things that you can do right inrepparttar 135126 comfort or immediate surroundings of your home. Bring nature into your home just as you would a close friend or family member, and I guarantee that your life and vitality will flourish.

There are so many ways that you can connect withrepparttar 135127 earth at home. My favorite ways of connecting have to do withrepparttar 135128 use of essential oils, herbs and other plant life in my daily activities. All living things contain a life energy that passes to other individuals who experience them. By making these things part of your every day life, you begin to absorb those life energies, making you a happier, healthier person.

Below is a list of some different ways you can begin includingrepparttar 135129 life energy of botanicals and essential oils into your everyday life. Many of these things are simple and will only take a few minutes of your time, but can produces hours of happiness and years of longevity when properly used.

Combat Worrying

Written by Frhazda Munir

'We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy inrepparttar world' Helen Keller

We worry about problems, but worry is itself a problem. It inhibits clear thinking, it drains us of energy, it upsets our sleep and our digestion. It can make us irritable, bitter, regretful, pessimistic, depressed... What a price to pay for something that serves no useful function.

We learned to worry at a young age, but they were childish fears, but those childish fears carried on to adulthood. Worrying is about control, we all have a vision of how we want things to be, but when things or situations do not turn out as we expected we feel helpless and overwhelmed by an unpredictable and unkown future. We find it hard to let go of a problem, which then starts to contaminate our mind and thoughts. The truth is that we are our own worst enemy and many of our troubles are inside our head. We putrepparttar 135110 stamp of who we are on every preception. We seerepparttar 135111 world fromrepparttar 135112 viewpoint of ourselves and in doing so our emotions and fears blurr our vision.

Worry makes cowards of us all. It forces us to turn away from acting upon a problem or indeed it may even createrepparttar 135113 illusion thatrepparttar 135114 problem doesn't exist inrepparttar 135115 first place. Worry pushes us back into ourselves, reinforcesrepparttar 135116 impression thatrepparttar 135117 worst will happen, that we can't cope, that we are helpless inrepparttar 135118 flow of circumstances which carry us inexorable towards unhappiness.

All of us who have worried have become experts in it overrepparttar 135119 years. But worry itself is cunning, it is a distorting lens which hides from usrepparttar 135120 lessons it is teaching. It causes us to see an opportunity as a risk and a challenge as a problem.

Problems are often created and imposed upon us by other people or rather, by our inablility to prevent other people from loading that weight of trouble on our shoulders. We habitually and implicityly say 'yes' to problems, because many of us do not haverepparttar 135121 coping techniques to assert 'no'. Manuel Smith's 'When I Say No I Feel Guilty' is a useful and empowering book on assertiveness.

Potentially we have a great deal of control overrepparttar 135122 way we talk to ourselves. But frequently,repparttar 135123 bleak melody of worry runs in our minds as a kind of background noise to our lives. The irony is that we don't even make an effort to eliminate it, but just listen to that same old tune of hopelessness and gloom. But by establishing a coping dialogue we can diminish and dispelrepparttar 135124 tedious repetitiveness of worry. Take time out every day to give yourself a pep talk. Be upbeat, confident, determined. Simply tell yourself with as much conviction as you can muster that you are going to take deliberate action to achieve what you can and refuse to be troubled by circumstances that are beyond your control.

Below are some tips on how to control your worring. I know from experience that this is not an easy thing to do, but with a little patience and perserverance you will soon be able to control your worrying instead of it controlling you.

Think about what is worrying you, and ask yourself what possible action you can take to aliviaterepparttar 135125 problem. Then take that action immediately.

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