Using Feng Shui to Embody Your Inspiration

Written by Vicky White

Who inspires you, who makes you envious? The answers will help you design your life!

If there's someone who inspires you, or someone you envy - that is your heart giving you a clue as to what you want more of in your life. These questions will help you embody your inspiration.

1. Who inspires you?

2. What is it about their life that resonates most strongly? Is it what they are doing, or is it how they are being?

3. What could you do to incorporate more of this into your life?

4. The Helpful People & Travel area of your home or office is a good place to put symbols of people who inspire you. It could be a photograph, you could place their name on a piece of paper in a silver box, use an example of their work, or place something symbolic there.

5. The Children & Creativity area relates to projects and creativity. Place a symbol of what this person represents to you there.

6. The Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area represents awareness and knowledge. Place a symbol ofrepparttar inspiration you would like to embody in this area of your home.

Creating Powerful Change with Feng Shui

Written by Vicky White

The start of each year is a time of tremendous power. It's an opportunity to pressrepparttar reset button on your life. Its a chance to look back onrepparttar 122389 previous year, set goals, create resolutions and wish lists. Unfortunately two weeks intorepparttar 122390 New Year many people can barely remember what those resolutions were. How about you?

Did you start adding exercise programs, prosperity goals, relationship goals into your life? Did you make space for them?

In designingrepparttar 122391 life you choose, first you must make space. In Feng Shui, clutter busting isrepparttar 122392 first step. If you place enhancements in your home or office without clearingrepparttar 122393 clutter, they will be ineffective.

The definition of clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated, disorganized. If all you ever do is removerepparttar 122394 clutter from your environment and your life, you will be making space for who you truly are. In my experience, it isrepparttar 122395 single most powerful thing you can do.

The reason clutter affects you so greatly is that it blocks repparttar 122396 flow of energy. If you surround yourself with things that are disorganized, or hold bad memories, or things that remind you of something you would rather not think about, they’ll have an effect on your energy. Anything you are tolerating blocks your energy.

If you can bring yourself to clutter bust when you are feeling stuck, watch out!

Here are some ofrepparttar 122397 things my clients have experienced:

- In clearing out her closet, within a few days a client hadrepparttar 122398 urge to begin writing an autobiography she had been trying to write for 4 years. The secrets she cleared out of her closet allowed her to write aboutrepparttar 122399 secrets in her family.

- Clearingrepparttar 122400 clutter from her office a client gaining new clients that same week. This included clearing her filing cabinet and making space for new client files, removing a broken clock from her prosperity corner, and removing a painting from her relationship corner that didn’t reflectrepparttar 122401 type of relationships she wanted with her clients.

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