Using Feedburner to add statistics to your RSS feed

Written by Allan Burns

Out of many ofrepparttar free RSS and blogging services that I have tried one ofrepparttar 139285 most useful has been Feedburner. Feedburner allows you to publish your RSS feed and provides circulation statistics about your RSS feed. It also allows you to make your feed more friendly by using Feedburners Smartfeed system and can also make your feed browser friendly.

The most useful service provided by Feedburner are it's circulation statistics. These statistics are not only useful for yourself to see how popular your feed is but also to provide circulation statistics to potential advertisers. Feedburner can tell you which RSS readers are being used to read your feed, how many readers you have and which posts readers are clicking through back to your website.

Feedburners Smartfeed system can supplyrepparttar 139286 most valid feed by detecting which RSS readerrepparttar 139287 user is using. This irons out any potential compatibility problems there may be between your feed andrepparttar 139288 readers feed reading software. If your visitor click on your RSS feed subscription link Feedburner will provide your visitor with a web friendly version ofrepparttar 139289 feed rather than an unformatted XML file. This is great for educatingrepparttar 139290 reader about RSS feeds.

To use Feedburners services first you need to go to Feedburner and enter your feed link. Your feed link isrepparttar 139291 address you give your readers to add your feed to their feed readers. Take a look at my RSS sign up page at Newsniche to get a better idea of how this works.

Once you have your feed address enter it into text box onrepparttar 139292 Feedburner page. Clicking on ok will bring up a page with all ofrepparttar 139293 options for your feed, you will need to decide for yourself which services you need. Atrepparttar 139294 bottom ofrepparttar 139295 page will be your new feed address which you will now offer to your readers instead of your original feed address. Followrepparttar 139296 rest ofrepparttar 139297 instructions to completerepparttar 139298 process and then you will have an improved feed with statistics.

Building Content Sites

Written by S. Housley

Targeted Content Sites By S. Housley

Highly targeted, focused sites that are related to specific market segments are highly advantageous and can often be created using existing web content. The key is to provide value.

Think ofrepparttar time spent surfingrepparttar 139276 web gathering resources and information. By creating a topic-centric resource compiling information, webmasters are providing a service or value. In many cases that value is simplyrepparttar 139277 compilation of topic-specific information in a single resource. The compilation of this information in itself isrepparttar 139278 value.

These highly focused content sites can be great supplemental portals that are invaluable as a marketing tool for niche products. Niche portals help define expertise in a specific market segment, not to mentionrepparttar 139279 added benefit of providing valuable topic-specific links. The topic-centric portals also tend to achieve high search placement and will often provide advertisers high quality exposure, allowing webmastersrepparttar 139280 opportunity to capitalize on their efforts.

What to put in topical portal?

ARTICLES Many article writers allow webmasters to republish their articles.

Searchrepparttar 139281 large article directories for quality topic-specific articles using keyword searches. The articles contained in these directories often allow publishers to freely reproducerepparttar 139282 article's contents as long asrepparttar 139283 hyperlinks inrepparttar 139284 article and article resource box remain intact.

Resource for finding articles for publication: GoArticles -

RSS FEEDS By nature, RSS feeds are designed for syndication. Most RSS feeds can be freely reproduced. Locate topic-specific feeds using keyword or category searches. The contents ofrepparttar 139285 feeds can be used to populate web pages. There are a number of free scripts available that allow webmasters to displayrepparttar 139286 contents of an RSS feed (see for instructions on displaying feeds).

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