Using Drop Shipping for E-commerce

Written by Ray Yee

Thanks torepparttar ubiquity ofrepparttar 136447 internet, online virtual businesses have become very popular business opportunities. Online retail stores are gradually playing a more important role in our lives thanrepparttar 136448 traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ retail shops. Overrepparttar 136449 last few years, a new concept called ‘Drop Shipping’ has emerged withrepparttar 136450 coming ofrepparttar 136451 internet. Drop Shippers are basically wholesalers who are willing to ship their products directly to your customers. This article aims to provide readers with an introduction torepparttar 136452 current state ofrepparttar 136453 E-commerce industry, Drop Shipping and its benefits, andrepparttar 136454 promise it holds forrepparttar 136455 online retail community.

Online Drop Ship businesses are now very popular home-based business opportunities. According to a Forrester Inc. report, online retail sales will grow at a 25% annual growth rate overrepparttar 136456 next five years. Online retail sales will reach nearly $230 billion and account for 10% of total US retail sales by 2008. On Ebay, more than 430,000 people are making a full- or part-time living fromrepparttar 136457 auction site. Many of them use Drop Shippers to auction their products. Hence, with such strong statistics,repparttar 136458 internet entrepreneur can hope to start a retail business now and still claim a portion ofrepparttar 136459 ever-growing market share.

The Drop Ship model offers many unique advantages overrepparttar 136460 Wholesale model:

1) You do not have to spend a fortune onrepparttar 136461 huge inventory of wholesale stocks before you start a retail business. This translates into a very low business startup cost. There is no risk of purchasing large quantities of stock, and finding that you cannot sell off your goods because they have become obsolete among consumers. Therefore, withrepparttar 136462 variety of products offered by your Drop Shipper, it becomes feasible to test which products have a strong demand overrepparttar 136463 internet without losing a fortune on each test.

2) Another prime advantage of a Drop Ship business is that there is no need to worry about shipping your products to your customers. You do not have to provide storage space for your goods, nor do you have to incur warehouse costs. Your Drop Shipper will take care of allrepparttar 136464 logistics and shipping of your Drop Ship business. In fact, most Drop Shippers are willing to label their products with your company name on it, so it will appear as if you arerepparttar 136465 one who shippedrepparttar 136466 products to your customers. The shipping cost for each product is also reduced, because your Drop Shipper can ship your products directly to your customers. A higher profit margin is achieved because ofrepparttar 136467 reduction in unnecessary shipping costs.

3) Drop Shipping is also unique in that it allows you to ‘sell high, then buy low’, instead of ‘buy low, then sell high’. Your risk involved in your retail business is dramatically lowered as you get paid up front for your products, making a profit on each sale.

4) There is no minimum quantity restriction on your orders. From your website catalogue, you can sell as much of your products as you want, and you can leaverepparttar 136468 indenting of stocks to your Drop Shipper. The quantity of products which you can sell over your website is only limited to your market demand, and your marketing efforts.

The process of setting up a Drop Ship business can be distilled into a few simple steps. First, you do some research overrepparttar 136469 internet overrepparttar 136470 niche market that you would like to target. Once, a strong demand for your products has been established, you contactrepparttar 136471 Drop Shipper of your choice and set up your business asrepparttar 136472 retailer ofrepparttar 136473 products you want to sell. Next, you design a website complete with product catalogue and credit-card-accepting functions. The product descriptions and images can be obtained fromrepparttar 136474 Drop Shipper, in most cases. After which, you need to drive large volumes of traffic to your website through internet marketing. Some visitors to your website will be converted to customers if they find your offers attractive enough. They place orders at your website and they pay yourepparttar 136475 retail prices, up front. You emailrepparttar 136476 orders to your Drop Shipper, who will shiprepparttar 136477 products to your customers directly. Of course,repparttar 136478 retail price will have to be marked up to include shipping costs as well. Sincerepparttar 136479 Drop Shipper charges yourepparttar 136480 wholesale price for their products,repparttar 136481 profit margin you earn is simplyrepparttar 136482 difference betweenrepparttar 136483 retail and wholesale price. Internet businesses, in general, have also many strong advantages over ‘brick-and-mortar’ businesses. Startup costs are generally very low, and this is well suited for those aspiring entrepreneurs working on a shoestring budget. The costs for conducting a Drop Ship business will be mainly software for setting up and marketing your business. Some examples will include shopping cart software, email marketing software, search engine promotion software, and so on. Other costs would includerepparttar 136484 web-hosting fee and alsorepparttar 136485 wholesale costs ofrepparttar 136486 products. In most cases,repparttar 136487 Drop Shipper will require you to pay them a small deposit to signify your commitment and to prevent fraud.

The Five Step Formula For Getting Prospects to Call You

Written by David Frey

Copyright 2005 David Frey

Are you tired of prospecting for new business?

Are you sick of networking, begging for referrals, or spending a small fortune on advertisements that produce little results?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just sit down at your desk and haverepparttar phone ring knowing that new business is onrepparttar 136370 other end ofrepparttar 136371 line?

Who wouldn't, right...? _________________________________________

The Secret Formula for Getting People to Call You _________________________________________

No matter what product or service you sell, there is a formula for getting people to call you (instead ofrepparttar 136372 other way around.)

Let me take a moment and explain each step in this formula and give you a few examples of how it works... _________________________________

Step 1. Interrupt Their Train of Thought _________________________________

People are busy, busy, busy. At any one moment you and I have a thousand things going on. Sorepparttar 136373 first step to effectively market to someone is to interrupt them and grab their attention.

You can do this with...

a. Bold, compelling headlines

b. Unusual graphics or photos

c. Unique opening statements

I run an ad in a trade mag inrepparttar 136374 most competitive section ofrepparttar 136375 publication. But my ad sticks out like a sore thumb because I place it UPSIDE DOWN!

That ad pulls as much as a quarter page ad does and it's only a tiny little 2' x 2' ad.

(Byrepparttar 136376 way, if you want to see that ad and you have in interest in coaching you can find it in my ttp:// package.


Step 2. Engage Their Mind With Relevant Content ________________________________________

Once you have your prospects attention,repparttar 136377 next step is to pull them into your message. The best way to do that is to use relevant content.

By that I mean, say something that they would be keenly interested in. For instance, I have no interest in cats so I would skip right overrepparttar 136378 headline, "How to Stop Your Cat from Ripping Your Couch and Carpet Apart."

It's not relevant to me.

But if I saw a headline that said, "The Deal Is Sealed...Shaq Gets Traded," that would stop me in my tracks (I'm a basketball nut).

Your message must be relevant to your prospect.


Step 3. Educate Them On How to Solve Their Problem ____________________________________________

Now it's time to educate your prospect. Education-Based Marketing is one ofrepparttar 136379 most powerful marketing strategies available today and does a number of positive things for you:

a. It gives your prospectrepparttar 136380 REASON WHY they should care about what you're saying.

b. It appeals torepparttar 136381 prospect's emotional need to solve their problem. (People buy with their emotions)

c. It positions you asrepparttar 136382 expert and someone to be trusted.

For instance, why do you think you find all those long, long salesletters onrepparttar 136383 net? Because they work! The more you tellrepparttar 136384 more you sell.


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