Using Color To Change The Size Of Your Bedroom

Written by Lee Dobbins

Did you ever wish your bedroom was bigger or smaller? Well if you don’t have enough money to changerepparttar actual size ofrepparttar 100435 room, then you can use paint to makerepparttar 100436 bedroom seem bigger or smaller.

Paint is well known as one ofrepparttar 100437 least expensive and easiest ways to changerepparttar 100438 look of any room, but if you pick your colors carefully you can giverepparttar 100439 space a new feel as well as a new look. Certain colors can make your bedroom walls feel closer or farther away.

If you have a small bedroom and you want it to feel more spacious, then consider paintingrepparttar 100440 walls a receding color. These arerepparttar 100441 blue – green – purpleish colors and any combination thereof. Look at a basic color wheel – you’ll see that those colors are all next to each other on one side. You probably want to avoidrepparttar 100442 darkest of these combinations, however as painting a room in very dark tones can make it look smaller overall.

If you want to make a large bedroom feel more cozy, then paintrepparttar 100443 walls advancing colors. These arerepparttar 100444 colors onrepparttar 100445 other side ofrepparttar 100446 color wheel –repparttar 100447 reds, oranges and yellow. Bright warm colors will close inrepparttar 100448 space and makerepparttar 100449 room seem cheerful and cozy. Also if you have a large cavernous room with a very high ceiling, consider paintingrepparttar 100450 ceiling a medium or dark color which will make bringrepparttar 100451 appearance back down to a normal height.

Use A Wallpaper Border For A Budget Backsplash

Written by Lee Dobbins

You can add some splash to your kitchen without spending a lot of money by applying a simple wallpaper border for a backsplash.

You can get a pretty good bargain on borders inrepparttar closeout bin at your wallpaper store or home improvement center, but make sure they have enough ofrepparttar 100434 border to go aroundrepparttar 100435 area you want to cover as these bargains are usually close outs and you might not be able to get more!

Since most wallpapers come pre-pasted, applyingrepparttar 100436 border is easy. A backsplash area is usually pretty small so this project can be done in an afternnon. When selecting your border, think about your overall theme or color scheme ofrepparttar 100437 kitchen. You want to pick something that complements it and, of course, pick one that is washable so that you can easily remove allrepparttar 100438 "splashes" that occur during normal kitchen activities.

To prepare your wall area forrepparttar 100439 wallpaper border, cleanrepparttar 100440 wall thoroughly first. You can just wash them with soap and water but make sure you get any gunk or grease spots off. If there are any big holes inrepparttar 100441 plaster, you might want to patch them, but little holes are OK andrepparttar 100442 border will cover them up nice! Removerepparttar 100443 coverings to any light switches or electrical outlets.

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