Using Chinese Techniques For Your Health And Strength

Written by Roy Thomsitt

Chi Kung and T'ai Chi are only two ofrepparttar keys to self trust and to physical harmony. Withrepparttar 150434 use of these techniques you can succeed with many accomplishments, without having to put yourself through great psychological or physical efforts, violent conflicts or aggression. You may be sure that, once you dominaterepparttar 150435 genuine laws ofrepparttar 150436 universe, which you assimilate by these methods, it will be impossible for you to be dominated by someone else.

Chi Kung –repparttar 150437 art of internal harmony

Chi Kung is a philosophical system at least 5000 old, which made survived through all thoserepparttar 150438 centuries, to become very popular atrepparttar 150439 beginning of this millennium. This art ofrepparttar 150440 vital energy isrepparttar 150441 most advanced and complex method of improving health and longevity, by offering a feeling of harmony with yourself and withrepparttar 150442 surrounding world. The four main principles of this technique are:repparttar 150443 mind,repparttar 150444 eyes,repparttar 150445 movement andrepparttar 150446 breathing.

The mind representsrepparttar 150447 intention,repparttar 150448 eyes are consideredrepparttar 150449 focusing of intention,repparttar 150450 movement isrepparttar 150451 action of intention andrepparttar 150452 breathing isrepparttar 150453 flood of intention. It obviously takes time and practice to understand their dynamics fully.

The benefits which result from practicing Chi Kung can be divided into five:

1. Curing illnesses, and a general improvement in health;

2. Gaining an increase in vitality, andrepparttar 150454 development of your internal force;

3. Prolonging youth;

4. Cultivation ofrepparttar 150455 mind and intellectual capacities; and,

5. Spiritual progress.

According to Chinese medicine, various diseases can berepparttar 150456 result of such human characteristics as anger, sadness, joy, harmony and optimism deficit. All these factors, coupled with poor diet and nourishment, cause Chiu –repparttar 150457 vital energy – either to diminish, or to be present in only certain parts of your body. By practicing Chi Kung you can learn to be more conscious of what’s going on in your inner universe, and to build yourself a defensive system againstrepparttar 150458 disequilibrium, which affects your vital force.

Habits and Success

Written by Carole Pagan

I got a big reminder overrepparttar last couple of weeks about what happens when you let your good habits slip - and how easy it is to fall intorepparttar 150379 trap of being overwhelmed.

This week when I am getting back intorepparttar 150380 habit of having repparttar 150381 dishes cleaned up before I go to bed, eating healthy, and actually getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I am seeing again what a difference it makes in my productivity.

We all get in those periods in our life when we feel like we're accomplishing a lot more by letting other things slide - when actuallyrepparttar 150382 opposite is true.

When you letrepparttar 150383 housework slide,repparttar 150384 work you have to put into getting things back in order is horrendous.

Though you think you're saving time by grabbing some fast-food, you're really not saving much time and you're cutting your energy reserves down when you need them repparttar 150385 most.

When you push yourself to work that last couple of hours, even though you could pass out any minute - you're working much slower and making more mistakes. If you go to bed and getrepparttar 150386 rest you need,repparttar 150387 work would get done much faster.

Funny how these things work, isn't it?

So as tempted as I've been to let my business slide for a couple of days, I won't. I don't want to get in that habit. I don't have to put in 8 - 10 - 12 hours everyday, but there are things that need to be done everyday.

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