Using Beads in Cross Stitch

Written by Katrina Renouf

Many people like to add embellishments to their cross stitch, and a great way to do this is with beads. In many situations, it’s also another way to avoid doingrepparttar dreaded French knot!

Beads usually cover one space instead of a cross stitch. I would suggest sewingrepparttar 145332 beads after their surrounding cross stitching is complete because they need to be well secured, and lie on top ofrepparttar 145333 cross stitches. For regular and small size beads, use one strand of floss or for heavier beads you can use two strands. There is also black or white "Nymo" beading thread, and there is "invisible" YLI thread which can be used for beading. If you can’t find these, use a color of thread that is either close torepparttar 145334 color ofrepparttar 145335 bead, or similar torepparttar 145336 background, so thatrepparttar 145337 thread doesn’t detract fromrepparttar 145338 bead.

The size ofrepparttar 145339 needle usually depends onrepparttar 145340 size ofrepparttar 145341 bead. With seed beads use a fine pointed needle such as a quilting needle, appliqué needle or beading needle. The hole in most beads is too small to be used with a regular cross stitch needle. Beading needles are long and flexible with very narrow eyes. You can also use a regular hand sewing needle in a pinch, because they’rerepparttar 145342 only ones thin enough forrepparttar 145343 beads to fit over. All of these needles are more difficult to thread though, you will probably need a needle threader.

Tips For Buying Your First Model Train Set

Written by Robert Anderson

When getting started in model trains, don't get put off by allrepparttar different scales on offer. Model train scales are really very simple. When deciding what scale train set to purchase, just keep in mind that O, S, HO and N arerepparttar 145071 most common scales in use. Of those, HO isrepparttar 145072 most widely used scale.

The best way to get started is purchase a 'starter train set'. These starter model train sets are designed to giverepparttar 145073 beginner everything he or she needs to get up and running. Starter train sets contain allrepparttar 145074 basics: a locomotive, cars, track and accessories. As far as cost; starter train sets are usuallyrepparttar 145075 best value for money, becauserepparttar 145076 model train set manufacturers use them as bait to lure new people and get them hooked on model trains.

Why HO Scale Trains Are A Popular Choice

HO (pronounced “H-Oh”) scale isrepparttar 145077 most popular model railroading scale and that's why there is generally a wider selection of accessories available including locomotives and rolling stock. The model train manufacturers really produce and cater forrepparttar 145078 large HO market because most modelers prefer a middle-of-the-road size. But, although HO scale is convenient for most people, it is difficult to run 50-car trains on even medium-sized HO scale layouts.

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