Using Back Links to get Top Search Engine Ranking

Written by Richard Moore

Using Back Links to get

Top Search Engine Ranking

There are no hidden secrets on how to rank high withrepparttar major search engines. All that is needed is a basic understanding of how search engines work and a bit of know how. Perhapsrepparttar 146321 biggest contributing factor to a successful web site is incoming links or Back Links. Without links, your website will more than likely go unnoticed. So how should you accumulate these links? Below are a few basic methods to accumulate quality back links.

Before you get started

You MUST understand how search engines work. Over 90% of your business will likely come directly from search engine results. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to optimize your site for search engines. You could haverepparttar 146322 greatest deals inrepparttar 146323 entire world, but if no one knows about them then your efforts are wasted. Do a search on google for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will find tons of great information on how to create a website that is both user friendly and search engine friendly. There are also countless numbers of companies and freelancers out there who offer SEO services. Just be cautious of their offers and do your research first. Remember, NO ONE can guarantee top placement in major search engines, no matter what they say.

Where should back links come from?

1. Articles are a fantastic source of links and additional traffic to your site. There are countless sites online that want your articles. It’s a win win situation for everyone. When you write articles and submit them online, you are able to leave a link to your own site and sometimes even anchor text. I know what you’re saying, “I can’t write about anything.” I use to feelrepparttar 146324 same way. Butrepparttar 146325 truth ofrepparttar 146326 matter is, anyone can write. You just have to find a topic that interests you. You can write about anything from dogs, to computers, to personal training, to web hosting, heck you can even write about writing. The bottom line is, articles are a valuable source of “relevant” back links to your site.

2. Submit to directories. There are literally hundreds of “free” and “paid” directories online. With 3 hours of painless work, you can have your site submitted to hundreds of great directories. There are many quality lists of directories that are regularly updated. One of my favorites is which is always updated and maintained.

3. Develop link exchanges with relevant sites. The major search engines such as google see incoming links from relevant sites, and give them more rank compared a link from an unrelated site. For example, if you have a website about pet care products, your link strategy should target pet related sites. Again with a bit of hard work and determination, you can develop a great deal of “relevant” back links.

4. Forums are a great source for additional traffic and links. Many forums allow their users to display signatures in their posts. These signatures can consist of both text and links. When you post a new message on that forum, your websites link will be displayed for everyone to see. This not only helps build valuable back links, but will bring additional traffic to your website.

Free Internet Marketing?

Written by Dave Ryan

The game of internet marketing can be a tricky one that can hold back many affiliates and webmasters from becoming successful. Jumping into an Ad-words campaign could cost you a lot of money for no results if you are like many. One ofrepparttar best ways to get FREE targeted traffic rolling though your site is with viral marketing. You can get 1000's of niche targeted traffic coming to your site without spending a dime.

With viral marketingrepparttar 146286 only people that see your site will be people who are from related pages and click your link. This means that they are definitely interested in your product/service. Having people who you know are already interested in your page get shown your ad is by farrepparttar 146287 best way to get more traffic from each ad. The main part of viral marketing that gets your traffic really going isrepparttar 146288 fact that any marketers who sign up below you will show ads to your site generally. Since you know they are interested in your product/service (they came to your site) they will most likely be running a related business. So your ad on their page is more likely to get someone to click than if on a unrelated page. Then people who sign up below them will show your ad, and they will also be related pages. This will go on down for five tiers generally. So your ads could be on MILLIONS of related sites byrepparttar 146289 time you are seeded.

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