Using Award Sites to Increase Traffic

Written by Bukit Sorrento

Do you want to know a little trick that some I know are using to attract thousands of visitors per year to their web sites?

Andrepparttar best part is it will cost you NOTHING. How's that for a good deal.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get as many web sites as you want to gladly and permanently display a link to your site?

What isrepparttar 105845 one thing all people desire? Fame, Wealth? OK, maybe, How about recognition. Everyone likes to be recognized for doing something well.

Here's how you can do it. You simply offer a free web site award program. Look at it this way. If 100 other sites had your award on their pages and each one of those sites gets only 10,000 visitors per year, that's a potential of 1 million people that will potentially see your award, graphic and link.

Anyone can do this. There are no qualifications required at all.You don't have to be a professional web site designer, or an expert at anything really. You simply judge a site according to your own rules and criteria that you set forth in your award application form.

Here's what you need to do:

The first thing is to design your award graphic, one that is visually appealing and promotes your site or business. You want to try and keeprepparttar 105846 graphic to about 10KB and no larger than say, 200x150 pixels. make sure you save it as a .gif or .jpg.

No here's a trick that can really boostrepparttar 105847 response of your ward graphic. PUT YOUR PICTURE ON THE AWARD.

You're asking why no doubt. Here's why. Personalization. People respond better to to something that makes you seem 'human'. The web is so sterile that anything you can do to bring yourself to life will work in your favor, BIG TIME.

What you need to know about Google's new AdWords affiliate policy.

Written by Rolf Arne Trondhjem

A lot of affiliates are selling other people's products with AdWords. This has been known as easy money, since no website is required. All you need is a ClickBank ID and you have over 10.000 products to offer your visitors.

When Google changedrepparttar affiliate policy in January, many affiliates saw their future AdWords income vanish up in smoke. Simply because they didn't know how to build a web page, or a Landing page.

Webmasters and others with HTML skills said this was a great thing, because now they "got rid of" a lot of competition.

And this is correct. Since Google now accept only one ad from a top domain, you really have only 2 options:

1. Start creating your own landing pages 2. Hope your ads haverepparttar 105844 best CTR, so Google choose your ad instead of allrepparttar 105845 others sellingrepparttar 105846 same product.

What about those landing pages?

Tests I have been doing shows that in some cases only 50% ofrepparttar 105847 visitors click on torepparttar 105848 sales page. This actually means that you have to send twice as much visitors as before to makerepparttar 105849 same amount of sales!

What should a good landing page look like?

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