Using Ad Tracking Tools

Written by Pamela Heywood

You HAVE to know how well your ads are doing. You cannot just cast thousands of them intorepparttar wind and HOPE that maybe you will getrepparttar 133618 odd result. You must know where is good for your offer, which ads pull best, etc. You need to test and test some more.

Indiscriminate free advertising will not generate sufficient results forrepparttar 133619 amount of effort you'll put in. It will get some results, but you'll be working hard, not smart.

In order to not have to post ads 48 hours a day for 2 clicks in return, you must narrow it down by testing so that you can then spend your precious time concentrating on what works best.

So how do you test?

There's lots of methods, but let me show you how to make use of some ofrepparttar 133620 simplest online tracking tools for your URLs.

The first one I have been testing myself isrepparttar 133621 free service from

Go there and set up a FREE account. You paste your "real" links (the web addresses you want people to actually go to) into their system and they give you a "new" link that you would publish in your ads. How easy can it get?

You can set up as many as you like and keep adding to them, as you wish. You only need one account to track multiple links, ads, websites, offers, affiliate schemes, whatever.

Every day, they send you a report by email that tells you how many clicks you got on each ofrepparttar 133622 different links you set up.

Here's an example from my report:

Link Title: EACZ Bravenet Classifieds Link URL: 1800611284&cpv=1 Link : Date: Clicks 2000-12-11 2

I gave itrepparttar 133623 title I wanted to see so that I could identify it. The Link URL: isrepparttar 133624 real one (online classifieds) and Link: isrepparttar 133625 one I publish, which isrepparttar 133626 one that 2 real live people actually clicked on that day. (Impressive eh?)

I can see several benefits and uses for this:

=> If you have a very long URL, it saves it getting chopped in half in a newsletter or any other email message asrepparttar 133627 original one in this example obviously would.

If it gets chopped, it won't be "clickable", which means to work someone would need to copy and paste it in bits into their browser. Yeah! You think so?

No-one bothers, because that takes too much effort. In reality, they will either click what comes inrepparttar 133628 first half ending up atrepparttar 133629 wrong place -- usuallyrepparttar 133630 right place, but without your reference on, or more likely, they will just skip it altogether.

How to Analysis Your Web Traffic For FREE For Maximum Profits

Written by Ross Reyman

If you are low on fund and time, you don't want to waste your time advertising in areas that will not bear results. How will you prejudge and later analysis your approach to web traffic? Is there a way to make trial run to find if you will be successful or not? This brief summary should present ideas that will be helpful, and save both money and time.

The first approach is to ask as many people as possible that you can as to where to advertise and promote your site. However, there is a drawback. Only about 10% of those who give advice really can help. Be open enough to question any guidance that you get.

Another approach is calledrepparttar copycat technique. Take 10 person who advertises in ezines for example. Make a list of 10 persons that always advertise. If ezine (newsletter) #1 has 7 ads that are on your list it is better than one with 3. This is a place to start. You can also take a firm that is successful and copy where they promote.

You might want to use web tools to make analysis after you start to promote and advertise. Here are three ways that you can get help.

1) Does your web provider have logs ofrepparttar 133617 origin of hits on your site? They will tell you if you got hits from a certain search engine, a bookmark or from Denmark at 2 inrepparttar 133618 morning. Unfortunately, many providers don't have this service, and perhaps, you should change to one that does. Call your provider now.

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