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How to Get More Traffic Than You Can Use

Written by Jeremy M. Hoover

How to Getrepparttar Traffic You Need (c) 2005 Jeremy M. Hoover

Traffic-generation is a hot topic for marketers. In particular, “free traffic” seems to berepparttar 143011 desire of most. But many sources of “free” traffic are not really free—they take your time, which can often be more valuable than spending a few dollars on your marketing.

The best idea is to combinerepparttar 143012 better sources of free traffic with some paid advertising. I propose three methods that will boost your traffic. If you remain dedicated to these three methods of advertising, you will get allrepparttar 143013 traffic you need. These sources are: 1) Writing and distributing articles; 2) Contributing to forums; and 3) Writing and buying ezine ads.

1. Writing and distributing articles

This is my favourite way of driving traffic to my sites. Articles haverepparttar 143014 ability to become viral, and that can be a huge plus for you, and a great reason to write articles. Focus on creating a 300 word article related torepparttar 143015 theme of your site or business. Include a resource box atrepparttar 143016 end of your article that features a link back to your site. Then, distribute your article to article distribution sites (like and email groups (like You will see traffic from this method.

2. Contributing to forums

The key word here is “contributing.” Recently, too many good forums have been besieged by “marketers” posting ads. This is considered to be forum spam, and is not in good taste. Instead, visit forums, read posts, and when you have a good, well-thought-out question or reply, post it torepparttar 143017 forum. This type of question or reply allows you to build credibility in that forum, and will earn interest in your business from other readers. Most forums allow you to post a link atrepparttar 143018 end of your post, or in a signature file, and you can promote your business there. As you build credibility, you will build traffic.

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