Use of GPS Running Watches for health improvement and physical training

Written by Rebecca Blain

By Rebecca Blain of

A growing concern among many people inrepparttar world isrepparttar 137749 quality of health and physical training. As it gets easier to eat more and exercise less, it has become vital that individuals have access to a variety of tools to make training as systematic and easy as possible. Due to this, investing in a GPS running watch can make a large difference to runners and joggers, as well as to those who need a physical training program to recover from surgery or disease.

Before you purchase your own GPS running watch, you need to make certain that you understand how they work and how they can help you. In order to do this, you should know aboutrepparttar 137750 functions ofrepparttar 137751 basic GPS wrist watch. Inrepparttar 137752 most basic form, a runners GPS watch is nothing more than a stop watch and a hand held unit mixed into one. More advance systems possess functions such as heart rate monitor, performance indicators, distance meters and much more. This variance betweenrepparttar 137753 base models andrepparttar 137754 more advanced units allows you to purchaserepparttar 137755 exact type of unit that you need in order to improverepparttar 137756 quality of your health and lifestyle.

Selectrepparttar 137757 Right Watch for You

If you are a beginning runner, or someone just beginning physical training, you will want to investigate units such asrepparttar 137758 Garmin Forerunner 101. This unit is one ofrepparttar 137759 more basic ones available, not only having an affordable price tag, but enough features where a beginning runner can adapt torepparttar 137760 tool while receiving many ofrepparttar 137761 benefits. The Timex Navman II is also a beginners watch, sporting similar functions torepparttar 137762 Forerunner 101.

For intermediate to advance users,repparttar 137763 Garmin Forerunner 201 has many features thatrepparttar 137764 101 lacks. Most notably,repparttar 137765 201 allows routes to be determined intorepparttar 137766 device, allowing long distance runners to expand their running areas safely. By providing all ofrepparttar 137767 heart rate sensors, virtual running partner as well as distance and speed calculators,repparttar 137768 device has everythingrepparttar 137769 professional runner, jogger or triathlete needs in order to get intorepparttar 137770 best shape possible. Withrepparttar 137771 ability to review daily or weekly histories for a period of two years,repparttar 137772 progress ofrepparttar 137773 owner ofrepparttar 137774 watch can be accurately followed. This is highly important, especially for those who need to keep a constant eye on health matters.

For those who need a GPS running watch to improve health due to disease, illness or surgery,repparttar 137775 features ofrepparttar 137776 advanced systems could never be more important. As recovering from any health issue can be difficult, havingrepparttar 137777 ability to chart progress and set reachable goals is important for being successful in building physical fitness.

Training Techniques

When you purchase a GPS running watch, there are several different methods that you can use to raise your level of endurance and speed and time. As there are many watches available, you will want to selectrepparttar 137778 one that has all ofrepparttar 137779 features required to make use ofrepparttar 137780 method safely.

The first method method involves setting a daily goal based on distance. If you desire to be a long distance runner, this method would be good for you. Each day, you will want to set a minimum distance to run. If you eventually desire to run 20 miles in one day, you would start running one mile a day for a set period of time. Many use a week or two, so they can adjust to running. Then, after that initial period of time, another mile would be added. As you grow more capable of runningrepparttar 137781 mile,repparttar 137782 number of miles you add after each time frame may vary. Once you have reachedrepparttar 137783 distance you want, you would begin training yourself usingrepparttar 137784 second method so that you can pace while being able to reachrepparttar 137785 distance that you desire.

Do You Want To Lose Weight Without Going Crazy?

Written by T. O' Donnell

Here's what to do if you want to wear that slinky black dress, and stay sane:

1. Make sure that you're not being neurotic and overly body conscious.

Meditate. Try to catch yourself naked unawares in a full length mirror. Find out your ideal height-weight ratio. Get some amateur photos taken of yourself in casual clothes. Try to be detached and objective.

Overweight is sometimes a state of mind instead of body. What trauma or childhood inadequacy causes you to see yourself as fat and undesirable, when medically you're normal, or just a little full figured?

If you are definitely a fatty:

2. Meditate. Try to home in onrepparttar reason you are overweight.

Is it genetic; are your family 'big-boned'? If not, what need are you trying to fill by stuffing yourself; are you anxious, insecure, do you have family or money or sexual troubles? If so deal with THEM and your need to eat will be easier to beat.

Eating is pleasurable; we get a rush of blood sugar which makes us temporarily feel good, and having a full stomach makes us feel sleepy and calmed down. Are you going forrepparttar 137748 effect rather thanrepparttar 137749 nourishment?

3. Change your diet.

Eat simpler, less processed, less over-prepared and overcooked food.

Get back torepparttar 137750 basics. Substitute fruit for candies, wholemeal bread and boiled potatoes for potato chips, lean steak for burgers, water instead of fizzy drinks.

Eat a grape or a piece of orange instead of a candy; you get a better 'buzz', and it's healthier for you. Another benefit of eating whole, natural food is you fill up quickly, while eating less. The horror of junk food is that it's got loads of fats and sugars in it while not being physically substantial; you can eat ounces of fat in seconds.

Basically, if a chimp wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't eat it. Yes, I KNOW a chimp could probably get hooked on junk food. All right, try this; if an athlete preparing for a track meeting wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't.

Have three meals a day only. Have a proper breakfast; people tend to skip this and then have snacks later to keep themselves going. This is folly.

NO snacks in between; let your belly growl. You're going to train it to need less. It will protest, as it's used to being big, but it will adjust in time.

Stay away from people and places which remind you of your old treats. Try not to let on you're dieting; your 'friends' will try to get you off it, or tempt you for fun.

4. Take more exercise.

You can do light exercise, or better yet work it into your daily routine.

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