Use an 'Affiliate Network' to Boost Your Commissions

Written by David McKenzie

Most affiliates concentrate exclusively on direct sales. For affiliates this means joining an affiliate program and marketingrepparttar product or service through their web site or via email. The affiliate earns a commission for every sale made.

Very few affiliates appear to focus onrepparttar 102465 2nd tier.

Most good affiliate programs are 2 tier which means that as well as direct sales you can also build what I call an ‘affiliate network'.

An affiliate network isrepparttar 102466 ability to get affiliates signed up under you and earn commissions onrepparttar 102467 sales that those affiliates make.

A common commission structure might be 25% for direct sales and 10% for indirect sales.

As an affiliate you can earn 25% on any sales you make.

Building an affiliate network means you can earn 10% on each sale that each affiliate makes. If you have 100 affiliates in your affiliate network then you can see that a few 10% commissions can quickly surpassrepparttar 102468 25% direct commission.

Stealth Selling and Online Marketing

Written by George Papazoglou

There's a hilarious yet so fruitful money-making formula, that can be deployed by anyone doing business onrepparttar Internet.

Your goal is to generate cash and abundance with your web site, but... you don't know how to prolifically endorse your affiliated products.

Forrepparttar 102464 fact that I've heard numerous times,repparttar 102465 substandard "objection", which is "What's Wrong with my Web Site?", let me share this amazing, simple and drastic "money-making formula".

Most entrepreneurs don't seem to be so good with "hard-selling" techniques, when it comes to promoting affiliate programs / prodcuts onrepparttar 102466 Internet.

Please note thatrepparttar 102467 recommended methodology, is one (yet eloquent) way to market products, or affiliate programs onrepparttar 102468 Internet.

Here's a powerful strategy to boot:

Step #1: Do your Research...

In order to develop a solid selling strategy, you have to "meet" and "entrench" with your target market.

* Forums arerepparttar 102469 "perfect" place to conduct a research, before creating a marketing strategy - not for socialization purposes, *of course*!

Once you "virtually" meet your target audience, start "recording" their problems, concerns and inclinations.

Tip: Use Microsoft Access with tables if you want to do itrepparttar 102470 scientific way and merge several fields you consider representative.

Step #2: You are a "Solution Provider"

Now once you created a "Problem List", pinpoint your target market's problems, with identical solutions (remember; you are a Solution Provider).

Step #3: Become a Prospect Now!

This technique works so well, that evenrepparttar 102471 Devil himself uses it (just satiric)...

In step #2, you already indentifiedrepparttar 102472 solutions, right Mr. Detective?

Now, once again, matchrepparttar 102473 solutions you compiled withrepparttar 102474 appropriate products, which are a "perfect answer" for your prospects' hitches (problems).

Start researching for products online, withrepparttar 102475 parameters you've created.

These products must>>>

* Be solution-oriented. and * Offer an affiliate program!

Now become a customer and *test*repparttar 102476 customer service,repparttar 102477 product andrepparttar 102478 entire company. Remember; it's your reputation onrepparttar 102479 line...

If you're satisfied with this company, join their affiliate program.

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