Use Your Floor To Enhance Your Décor

Written by Lee Dobbins

Your flooring is a vital part of your decorating scheme.

You want your floor to blend into your rooms decor and enhance it, not detract from it so you need to put in a flooring that is appropriate torepparttar style ofrepparttar 137632 room. If you have a shabby chic style room, you’ll want soft flooring such as wall to wall in a matching color or oriental style area rugs over hard wood floors – nothing too harsh or sharp inrepparttar 137633 pattern. A modern or retro style might go great with a bold splashy area rug. A contemporary style might look good with a simple rug over hard wood floors.

When selecting flooring, pick out a color and pattern that goes withrepparttar 137634 colors of your furniture, wall coverings and window treatments. In certain designs, a complimentary color looks nice onrepparttar 137635 floor, but you don’t really want it to stand out too much so something that blends is usually best. If you can, take home samples and put them up next torepparttar 137636 walls and furniture to see how it might look.

Tips For Installing Vinyl Flooring

Written by Lee Dobbins

Installing an new floor can spice up a tired room and you can even save some money by installing it yourself. Of course, if you are not handy and have never done any type of installation, you may want to leave it to a professional as installingrepparttar flooring incorrectly can ruinrepparttar 137631 whole look!

If you do try to attempt installing vinyl flooring yourself, here’s some tips that might help your installation look like it was done by a pro:

1) Take time to dorepparttar 137632 appropriate prep work. With vinyl flooring, it is vital thatrepparttar 137633 subfloor underneath is free from debris and also has no divets or holes. Both of these can cause holes inrepparttar 137634 vinyl floor over time. Make sure you remove anything that sticks up, fill in anything that is indented and cleanrepparttar 137635 floor thoroughly before startingrepparttar 137636 install.

2) Remove as much stuff as you can. Remove allrepparttar 137637 furniture and any appliances that you can. Take outrepparttar 137638 moldings – this will makerepparttar 137639 edges ofrepparttar 137640 flooring look much better when you put them back on afterrepparttar 137641 install. Be careful when puttingrepparttar 137642 appliances back in since draggingrepparttar 137643 acrossrepparttar 137644 vinyl can rip your newly installed floor!

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