Use Your E-mail Address As a Branding Tool

Written by Wanda Losko

Even before you launch your website, you can (and should) begin to use your domain name. Why? Because it isrepparttar worlds cheapest advertising tool and an excellent way to brand your business. How? By using your domain name in your email address and in your signature file.

If your email address reads or - you are brandingrepparttar 109667 name of your Internet Service Provider. Why should you do it? Your ISP doesn't pay you for it. Indeed, you pay THEM a monthly fee!!!

Quite likely you were not aware that you do have a choice here. Instead of advertising Earthlink, GTE, BellSouth, or AOL, you can advertise and brand your own business and your own name.

In case you didn't know, here is how it works. For example, my own service provider is -- but my e-mail program is configured so, thatrepparttar 109668 address I use in my "from" field says "". I can do that because my web host provides me with a forwarding service. That means, any message sent to is forwarded automatically to my ** account.

Don't think that you need to launch your web site to be able to do this -- even if you are not ready, you can use this feature. I suggest that once you get a domain name, you set up a simple page like this: -- but even this is not necessary.

To use your domain name in email address, you only need to have a domain name and a decent web host. Yes, really. With domain name registration costs as low as $9.95 per year, and with web hosting fees around $15-30 per month -- can you afford NOT to do it? I don't think so!

Unsubscribing from lists

Written by Richard Lowe

I'm sure you've received messages from mailing lists and wanted to unsubscribe. Perhaps you don't remember subscribing inrepparttar first place, or maybe you've just grown tired ofrepparttar 109666 subject. For whatever reason, you just want to get offrepparttar 109667 list, and you want off fast.

On virtually every list, it is common practice to putrepparttar 109668 unsubscribe instructions atrepparttar 109669 bottom of every message (Yahoo groups, also called egroups, is an exception in that sometimes there are no unsubscribe instructions at all). You simply do what is described and you will be removed fromrepparttar 109670 list.

In most cases, a simple blank email to an email address or a clicked link is all you need to do. Sometimes you need to includerepparttar 109671 word "remove" or "unsubscribe" inrepparttar 109672 subject or body ofrepparttar 109673 message. It just depends uponrepparttar 109674 conventions ofrepparttar 109675 list.

Now, this article only applies to mailing lists to which you have subscribed (opt-in). Before you click on any link or send an email off to parts unknown thatrepparttar 109676 message is not spam. Never reply or click on any links in spam - just deleterepparttar 109677 message unread.

Don't get mad about receiving mailings from various lists. Most of these now require double-opt-in, which pretty much means you have to want to be subscribed. This is very safe forrepparttar 109678 list owner because not only dorepparttar 109679 list members subscribe torepparttar 109680 list, but they must also do something else (usually return a blank email) to verify that they indeed do want to subscribe.

It's generally not a good idea to try and reply asking to be removed fromrepparttar 109681 list. Most lists have specific unsubscribe functions and simply writing an email saying "please remove me" will not work. Quite often, in fact, a reply will instead be sent to ALL members ofrepparttar 109682 list, which simply makes you look foolish.

Also,repparttar 109683 list owner is using one ofrepparttar 109684 list services because it automates everything. Think ofrepparttar 109685 effort that he or she would have to do through of all requests were handled manually. Thus, it is in everyone's best interest to spend a couple of minutes to learn how to unsubscribe so it is done properly.

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