Use The Magic Of Words For Effective Advertising

Written by Lena Sanchez

Use The Magic Of Words For Effective Advertising! © Lena Sanchez

Words are magic bullets to convey your desire, when used properly.

Whether you are selling something or just trying to get a point acrossrepparttar words that you use are going to compel or repel customers or clients…

Since we entrepreneurs online or off, are trying to either sell products/services or get people to subscribe. The words we use will sell our product/service, therefore we need to learn to use words in a tried and true personal manner.

Gettingrepparttar 100972 customer to take actions that you desire require;

Using correct action words! You must be specific about what you want them to do.

The action words or expressions like "click here," "subscribe today," "visit this," "join now," "go there," "discover how" and "learn these" "order here" are commands in which you compel people to take action. Taking them "byrepparttar 100973 hand," with words.

There are also phrases of take-away words that compel immediate action;

Statements such as, "To be candid with you, I don't know how long I'm going to keeprepparttar 100974 doors open to this (product(s), service, new members, whatever) because…" add your reasons for closingrepparttar 100975 door, such as, "only so many people can be effectively handled by one person," or "only so much product is available and so on…."

Or "We can only guarantee that people who sign up through [specific date] will qualify for membership, because…" Support this statement with "free bonuses worth over $!" Then seal it with a catchy phrase such as, "You snooze, you lose.' "The early bird getsrepparttar 100976 worm." Then be sure to add an action phrase, "So, don't wait. Join NOW!" Or something of that sort! Remember Words are magic bullets to get people to act, but you must tell them what to do!

Then there are those curiosity words that pull large numbers of sales/people;

Curiosity is nothing more than something that's "secret," "rare," "private," "unavailable," "exclusive," "limited," "scarce," "uncommon," "prohibited," "hidden," etc

Writing EFFECTIVE Ad Copy For YOUR Ezine

Written by Laurie Rogers

Writing EFFECTIVE Ad Copy For YOUR Ezine by Laurie Rogers Copyright July 2002

Many people just don't want to facerepparttar fact that effective ad copy is very detrimental to YOUR success. Let's face it, if your ad copy is poor, sales just are NOT going to happen and it will leave you feeling FRUSTRATED. Today I have put together a VERY simple, yet EFFECTIVE way of writing ads for your ezine. I have taught this method torepparttar 100971 publishers that currently use and it did help them a fair amount.

The first step is to make a draft copy of what YOUR ezine offers and here are a few possible basics:

*publishing frequency *articles *tips and tricks *resources *internet marketing *home business or home based business *affiliate marketing *MLM *ebooks and software *free report *free membership *cash *prizes *scam prevention *ezine format - HTML, text, online

The next step is to go through your list and ask yourself a question about each point.

*publishing frequency - Every Wednesday etc.

*original articles, exclusive articles, articles from online successful marketers, gurus etc. *HOT tips and tricks, informative, helpful, useful time saving, effective etc.

*resources on an array of topics, variety, FREE, low cost (and you could use some points fromrepparttar 100972 point above). *ebooks and software - are they free? Do your subs win them? "What'srepparttar 100973 value"?

*free report - What's it called? - What'srepparttar 100974 value of it?

*free membership - to what? - What'srepparttar 100975 value?

*free ads - for new subscribers, weekly, bi-weekly. And again what'srepparttar 100976 value? Here are a few pointers for determining your values, let's say you offer free ebooks and a free weekly ad. You don't want to put in a value for everything - justrepparttar 100977 *largest* value betweenrepparttar 100978 two. If your free ebook is only $14.97 and you are giving away free weekly ads,repparttar 100979 ads would probably be worth more. ALL people LOVE to know what repparttar 100980 "cost" is behind something.

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