Use Repetition to Increase Your Sales

Written by Lisa Lake

Repetition will increase your sales. Repetition will increase your sales. Repetition will increase your sales.

Have I made my point? Probably. You certainly know what this article is about, donít you. Now let me tell you a little story:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Trixy. Trixy wasrepparttar most beautiful girl inrepparttar 127423 kingdom. She was so beautiful that Prince John fell madly in love with her beautiful face. But Trixy, who was incredibly beautiful, thought she was too beautiful even for Prince John. So Trixy decided to join a rock band and be a backup dancer. The End.

Without looking back atrepparttar 127424 story, can you recall whatrepparttar 127425 princeís name was? Maybe you can and maybe you canít. But, without looking back atrepparttar 127426 story, can you tell me what was so special about Trixy? You most definitely can. And why can you remember what was so special about Trixy? Because I repeated it about six times!

This same principle can be applied to your marketing to help people remember your message. I often see commercials on television that impress me as clever and visually engaging, but ask me thirty seconds later and I wonít rememberrepparttar 127427 name ofrepparttar 127428 product being advertised. I donít have a faulty memory. I just need things to be pounded into my head sometimes.

Your advertising should definitely not use as much repetition as my story did. However, you do need to figure out what isrepparttar 127429 most important thing to communicate to your potential customers hammer that point home. If you are having a sale, you need to emphasize that you are having a sale. If you are advertising to get your name out, you should repeat your name and address at least twice.


Written by Meredith Pond

In order to increase sales and help your business succeed, you need to put your name inrepparttar minds of customers. You need to create a relationship with them so thatrepparttar 127422 next time they need products or services like yours, you'rerepparttar 127423 first one they think of. These ideas sound simple, of course, but they may be easier to talk about than to implement.

So how do you createrepparttar 127424 customer relations that everyone talks so much about? Well, there are a number of ways, including giving great customer service, offering customers a good value, and building a fun, down-to-earth, or warm and fuzzy image.

There is another way, however, to solidify your image as a customer-friendly business that you may not be thinking of. Likerepparttar 127425 other methods, it's not very difficult, but it does involve one four-letter "F" word: FREE.

Giving away free stuff, even if it's just your advice, shows people that you're willing to help them out-- that you're more of a friend than someone vying for their business. Free information your customers can use, free samples of your product, or vouchers for food or travel can make great incentives that help your customers remember you.

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