Use It Or Lose It!

Written by Maire Hodder

Use It Or Lose It!

One can clearly appreciate all ofrepparttar technological advances in today’s modern world. Efficiency inrepparttar 142615 work place, improved health-care, and increased leisure time are onlyrepparttar 142616 tip ofrepparttar 142617 ice-berg in this brave new world.

However; there are some drawbacks. Somehow duringrepparttar 142618 never-ending search for ‘newer, bigger, better’, we have lost sight of our most valuable asset. (NO, it’s not a big screen T.V.) It’s Our Minds!

I find it very disconcerting that there are high school graduates that can’t read or write. I find it truly terrifying that they can’t add without a calculator. Have you ever been a customer at a store or a restaurant and witnessed some poor cashier struggling to arrive atrepparttar 142619 correct total and change? Yet this same person can surfrepparttar 142620 net and download songs and movies faster thanrepparttar 142621 speed of light. We are spawning an entire generation of techno-junkies that has onlyrepparttar 142622 most rudimentary survival skills.

The REAL people's war!: 'great satan'

Written by James Sorrell

[ "The trouble with ignorance is that you don't know it when you need it!"---Jim Sorrell ] For years ignorance & emotion has cloudedrepparttar issue when Arabs, or anyone else, point to some country or people and call them "the great satan"! (As Iraq cleric al-Sadr has done.) When will people learn that Satan, himself, ISrepparttar 142229 'great satan'? [The very real, as Real as YOU are, fallen angel Lucifer, who incites and murdersrepparttar 142230 human race daily.] Withrepparttar 142231 fallen angel's negative, manipulative influence gone, a lot ofrepparttar 142232 human race's problems would vanish overnight! We only need to learn how they function (tampering with our thoughts, feelings & emotions, and then inciting us against each other), and then ignore them by instituting a planet-wide truce between all people while we sort out our own humanity!

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