Use Fresh Herbs In Your Cooking

Written by Lee Dobbins

Many common herbs that you might use in cooking are well known for there healing properties. Using them in cooking is a great way to incorporaterepparttar healing attributes of natural herbs with your meals. Chances are you probably already use some herbs in your cooking like basil and thyme but experimenting with even more herbs can add taste to your dishes while improving health.

Cooking with fresh herbs is just as easy as using dried herbs. Just chop up a bit ofrepparttar 145093 herb and season to taste. You will need to use about twice as much ofrepparttar 145094 fresh herb thanrepparttar 145095 dried. You may want to wait untilrepparttar 145096 last 20 minutes of cooking to addrepparttar 145097 herb sorepparttar 145098 taste stays crisp. Herbs can be used to flavor any foods. Commonly used in pasta sauces, herbs can also be added to soups, oils, eggs and even desserts and drinks.

You can grow your own herbs inrepparttar 145099 garden on window sill and have fresh herbs allrepparttar 145100 time. Some grocery stores have fresh herbs right inrepparttar 145101 produce section and, of course, you can always find dried herbs inrepparttar 145102 baking section. If you grow your own herbs, you can freeze them or dry them yourself in a dehydrator to have for future use.

Lemon And Parsley Home Remedies

Written by Lee Dobbins

You might think of lemon and parsley as great garnishes for your drink glass and plate, but did you know that you can use them to ease symptoms of common minor ailments?

Sure,repparttar lemon makes a good drink and even tastes good squirted on fish, but you might want to make sure you have some on hand for more than dinner. The lemon can be your best friend when you have a common headache. Simply cut a long strip ofrepparttar 145092 rind and put it on your forehead – rub inrepparttar 145093 inside white part and then fasten it to your head. Sure, you’ll look a little nutty but who cares as long as it gets rid ofrepparttar 145094 ache!

Lemon peel is not only good forrepparttar 145095 head, but forrepparttar 145096 feet too! One age old remedy for corns is to apply a lemon peel (white side againstrepparttar 145097 corn) torepparttar 145098 corn and affix it so that it stays on overnight. You can remove it duringrepparttar 145099 day, but repeat each night for 7 days.

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