Use Blogs and RSS Feeds to get your New Sites and Pages Indexed Fast!

Written by Craig Desorcy

Use Blogs and RSS Feeds to get your New Sites and Pages Indexed Fast!

They say it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Everyone is fighting for their right to leadrepparttar pack. Cyberspace has its own virtual rendition of this cliché engine optimization. Marketers aroundrepparttar 131588 globe are struggling to get their products atrepparttar 131589 top of search engine listings. They go to great lengths to produce material with high keyword density in an attempt to entice robotic spiders to visit their sites.

Robert was in over his head. He’d posted projects on freelance websites hoping to hire writers to supply him with keyword dense content. This was his fourth attempt. Good writers were worth their weight in gold. The only problem was that he didn’t have much ofrepparttar 131590 gold stuff to throw around. He’d taken a chance, and acceptedrepparttar 131591 bid of someone he knew wasn’t top-quality, but hey, they fit his budget.

Two weeks later he was still editing and rewriting...and grumbling and growling. Where did these people learn to write anyway? The ring ofrepparttar 131592 telephone interrupted his fuming. It was his long time friend Dave...excited and ready to talk. Dave had discoveredrepparttar 131593 backdoor into search engines...

Imagine yourself an old-time bank robber appearing atrepparttar 131594 bank’s back door only to find it wide open and a welcome sign attached. Wow! How much easier can it get? risks, and nothing to keep you from making a quick getaway with lots of cash. RSS feeds and blogs are exactly open door to search engines like Yahoo! They costs you nothing and present a no-risk invitation for quick results!

Did I mention quick results? We’re talking really quick results! Comparerepparttar 131595 time and effort Robert invested into getting his site recognized by search engines to what RSS feed and blog users are spending...minutes, yes minutes! Bloggers spend a short time creating a few paragraphs of content that is quickly broadcast aroundrepparttar 131596 world with RSS feeds, and get better results than other SEO methods. People everywhere are saying, “WOW! MY site was indexed within hours after I employed RSS feeds!”

The Never Ending Work to Get Traffic to Your Website

Written by Francisco Aloy

by Francisco Aloy

Building and setting up your website is an accomplishment for anyone, even more so for a Newbie. Allrepparttar things you had to learn,repparttar 131586 never ending study curve;repparttar 131587 general feeling there's going to be a "gotcha" just waiting for you. Looking back you seerepparttar 131588 mountain of work you've done; feels good, doesn’t it?

Take a deep breath, my friend,repparttar 131589 real work is just about to start! Yes,repparttar 131590 never-ending job of promoting and marketing your website is waiting for you. Though accomplishingrepparttar 131591 setup and building phase is a feather in your cap, leave those laurels alone and roll up your sleeves; your work is just barely beginning.

Just because your website is there, doesn't mean you're going to get any visitors. You must letrepparttar 131592 Search Engines andrepparttar 131593 Net at large know that you are open for business. Other thanrepparttar 131594 occasional redo of your site, marketing and promotion is going to occupy most of your time. Believe me, it is never-ending work.

The only way your website will grow and provide a self-sustaining income is to get traffic to it. The theory is that if your visitors are targeted, some of them will purchase your products. Consider these resources to get traffic:

a) Go torepparttar 131595 forums that are related to what you do and post knowledgeable answers to questions in your area of interest. It will draw visitors to your website because they will come to think of you as an expert. As a side benefit, each posting will elevate your Page Rank if you use a signature and include an anchor text link to your website. Onrepparttar 131596 minus side, some ofrepparttar 131597 folks that visit will be your competitors.

b) Do your best to get indexed by allrepparttar 131598 major Search Engines and directories. Many of your buying customers will be provided by them. The easiest method to get indexed is to post in many ofrepparttar 131599 relevant blogs; they get spidered quite often and will follow a link back to your website.

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