Use A Wallpaper Border For A Budget Backsplash

Written by Lee Dobbins

You can add some splash to your kitchen without spending a lot of money by applying a simple wallpaper border for a backsplash.

You can get a pretty good bargain on borders inrepparttar closeout bin at your wallpaper store or home improvement center, but make sure they have enough ofrepparttar 100434 border to go aroundrepparttar 100435 area you want to cover as these bargains are usually close outs and you might not be able to get more!

Since most wallpapers come pre-pasted, applyingrepparttar 100436 border is easy. A backsplash area is usually pretty small so this project can be done in an afternnon. When selecting your border, think about your overall theme or color scheme ofrepparttar 100437 kitchen. You want to pick something that complements it and, of course, pick one that is washable so that you can easily remove allrepparttar 100438 "splashes" that occur during normal kitchen activities.

To prepare your wall area forrepparttar 100439 wallpaper border, cleanrepparttar 100440 wall thoroughly first. You can just wash them with soap and water but make sure you get any gunk or grease spots off. If there are any big holes inrepparttar 100441 plaster, you might want to patch them, but little holes are OK andrepparttar 100442 border will cover them up nice! Removerepparttar 100443 coverings to any light switches or electrical outlets.

How to protect stone floors from staining

Written by Edward Green

We are working almost daily with stain removal from natural stone surfaces. In fact I would say that in some instances we visitrepparttar same house more than 3 times in as many months.

Stains in stone are something that should be left torepparttar 100433 professional. Sure, there are many quick fix websites offering advice but let me tell you, if you don't get it right first time it may be thatrepparttar 100434 tile will need replacement and finding a match is nearly impossible.

Nowadays, Stone Seals and sealants are in abundance, but which one is right for you?

Firstly - Never letrepparttar 100435 builder, renovator or floor installer applyrepparttar 100436 seal. The seal is an arduous task that needs careful consideration and correct application. I probably remove over 10,000 sq mtrs of poorly applied Lithofin stain stop a year whererepparttar 100437 application has basically wiped it ontorepparttar 100438 floor leaving it porous and not sealed at all. Sorepparttar 100439 householder has not only paid forrepparttar 100440 Lithofin seal but for us to remove it and providerepparttar 100441 correct sealer forrepparttar 100442 stone.

"The Correct Sealer" I hear you cry. Yes, I am afraid to say that they are many types of sealer for many different stone types and what tasksrepparttar 100443 stone needs to do. Firstly there are water based and solvent based sealers. Other questions to consider are;

Doesrepparttar 100444 stone get heavy traffic? How often isrepparttar 100445 stone cleaned? what type of beverages doesrepparttar 100446 household use? Any Allergies withinrepparttar 100447 residents? Type of finish preferred (matt), (Shine) etc?

DO we use water based?

DO we use Solvent Based?

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