Unleash the Power of Your Mind with Affirmative Subliminal MP3 Sounds.

Written by George Papazoglou


 Epochs ago I defiedrepparttar conventionalism and pittance that rule this mortal world. I opted to commit to a wondrous new Centrum of spiritualism only to finally discoverrepparttar 149197 Genesis within me; from that era... nothing ever lookedrepparttar 149198 same.

Somehow I concurred with supremacy since remembering myself as an infant. Call it a charisma or whatever else you could name it, yet this "Dominant Power" seemed to as of magic... surround my Psyche.

Usingrepparttar 149199 power ofrepparttar 149200 mind, you can become a Peripatetic of your chaotic subconscious world. You haverepparttar 149201 ability to wade viarepparttar 149202 Cosmic Chaos and crystallize even your most fantastic thoughts into reality.

"It's not a mystery any longer... success is a derivative of a powerful mind that trances thrurepparttar 149203 mysticism ofrepparttar 149204 unknown and allows its' inner dynamic to palpate with innovation. Now I know how to break throughrepparttar 149205 chaos and return to this life full of renovation because my psyche is able to commute withrepparttar 149206 mystic powers that commandrepparttar 149207 Universe and controlrepparttar 149208 masses with radiant thoughts ofrepparttar 149209 supernatural."

George Papazoglou - http://cosmicmaster.com - The 28th / June, 2005

Using hypnotic techniques and timely tested subliminal oriented scenarios, I am nowadays capable to "sculpt my reality" by energizingrepparttar 149210 boundless potential of my very own mind. As I put these words in electrons...usingrepparttar 149211 Internet... as my imagination sparkles with innovatory reflections, I harmonize with Supremacy... I commit to modernization and YES - just like an ineffable Magician - I augur whatrepparttar 149212 future shall convey for my entity - and for those around me; I dare to create invincible cyclones withrepparttar 149213 spur of any electrifying

How to Create Hip, Mature and Lush Harmonies [correction]

Written by Ronald Worthy

Copyright 2005 RAW Productions

Rarely is a chord played with its tones contained in a single octave,repparttar root onrepparttar 149030 bottom,repparttar 149031 third inrepparttar 149032 middle, andrepparttar 149033 fifth onrepparttar 149034 top.

Usually chords are "voiced!"

This basically means thatrepparttar 149035 positions of a chord's tones are scattered overrepparttar 149036 keyboard. The tones may be altered, doubled, added to, missing, and so forth.

There are a great variety of possibilities available in voicing chords. Voicing chords properly is an art within itself. Usingrepparttar 149037 correct voicing techniques in your playing will give your improvisation a "hip," mature and full sound. Chords played in root position just does not seem to dorepparttar 149038 job when playing Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Gospel and "Smooth Jazz" piano.

Learning and mastering good voice leading techniques in your playing is not difficult if you just follow some simple rules.

1. The most important notes in any chord isrepparttar 149039 3rd andrepparttar 149040 7th. The 3rd ofrepparttar 149041 chord defines whetherrepparttar 149042 chord is a major or minor chord. The 7th ofrepparttar 149043 chord will define whetherrepparttar 149044 chord is a dominant or major chord. Usuallyrepparttar 149045 bass player will playrepparttar 149046 root and fifth. The root and fifth are not essential tones and can be completely left our from your chord progressions. If you must userepparttar 149047 root and fifth try using it in your right hand, not your left. You should add your "color" tones in your right hand.

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