Unleash A Thundering, Non-Stop Traffic Stampede To Your Site -- Practically Overnight!

Written by Paul Kelly

Are you FRUSTRATED byrepparttar lack of qualified traffic visiting your site? Are you FED UP of paying these so called SEO Experts who charge you an arm and a leg to make an "optimized" site for you? Are you FRUSTRATED that you don't have multiple income sources?

Most webmasters have one primary goal, increasing targeted traffic to their sites inrepparttar 146639 hope that this traffic converts into sales.

A lot of frustrated marketers resort to cheap gimmicky software, that generate cookie cutter style web pages that are often considered SPAMMY.

Well, I say...Dump that Cheapy software, Fire Your SEO Guy and Tell your Content Writer to take a Hike.

There is a new kid onrepparttar 146640 Block and his name is Traffic TurboCharger. This masterpiece of equipment DOESN'T BREAK ANY (search engine) RULES like allrepparttar 146641 other wannabee software seen onrepparttar 146642 net.

This State ofrepparttar 146643 Art Software instantly builds you a content rich website in a matter of minutes while you watch TV.

It follows a few simple steps:

Step One: Selectrepparttar 146644 keywords on which you want your site to be based, or letrepparttar 146645 tool generate keywords based on actual phrases that search engine users have search for

Step Two: Enter your affiliate ID's forrepparttar 146646 programs that you want to earn money from on your site andrepparttar 146647 URLs forrepparttar 146648 RSS feeds related to your keywords

Step Three: Enter your website information, URL, title and description

Step Four: Enterrepparttar 146649 information for your Hover Ads and subscriber co-generation code and Google Adsense ID

Duplicate Content Penalty - How to Lose Google Ranking Fast!

Written by Joe Duchesne

Duplicate content penalty. Ever heard of it? This penalty is applied by Google and possibly other search engines when content found on your website is largelyrepparttar same as what is found elsewhere on your site or on other websites acrossrepparttar 146632 internet.

Search engine spam has been common ever since search engines were first invented. Search engine spam describesrepparttar 146633 practice of making changes to your website that gets you listed high in search engines atrepparttar 146634 expense of readability by humans. Years ago, you could get ranked high on a search term simply by repeating it as many times as possible in a document. The primitive search engines ofrepparttar 146635 past rankedrepparttar 146636 importance of a keyword simply by countingrepparttar 146637 number of times a term appeared on a page. Today's search engines are much more complex.

Google has been waging war against all kinds of search engine spam and especially against duplicate content in all forms. There are two main types of duplicate content that Google is concerned about.

The first is a website that simply listsrepparttar 146638 very same page hundreds or thousands of times with simply a few words changed. This is usually done to attain high ranking on a wide range of keywords. It is most often used to get ranked high on a whole bunch of keywords unrelated to your website but can sometimes be done by a site that is on topic but simply offering duplicate content.

The second type of duplicate content that Google is concerned about revolves around affiliate programs. It has been common practice for high traffic websites to establish an affiliate program. Affiliate programs themselves don't worry Google. What it doesn't like though, is for an affiliate program to take a template and then offer it to its base of affiliates to use. Some ofrepparttar 146639 higher traffic websites end up with thousands upon thousands of duplicate websites all promotingrepparttar 146640 very same things and, according to Google, not offering any real value torepparttar 146641 internet community. A website offering this type of cookie cutter website can easily find themselves de-listed by Google as happened to Template Monster a while back.

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