Universal Principles for Successful Dog Training

Written by Moses Chia

Dog training is not rocket science and is not as difficult as you think. It is certainly possible for ANY dog owners to train their dogs themselves provided they put in adequate amount of effort. The principles listed here are universal to dog training of Any dog breeds, be it sporting, working, toy or terrier, Any dogs - big or small, pup or old, Any Owners - competitive or leisure. In short, if you are serious about training your dog and demand Only success, You MUST apply these principles. No “If” No “But”. Getrepparttar basic right first before you start to train your dog! Consistency Consistency is very important during training and correcting unwanted behavior. Always userepparttar 144075 same "command" for a specific task you require of your dog. Don’t confuse him by using different command forrepparttar 144076 same task. Once you’ve establish some house rules such as - keepingrepparttar 144077 cooking area out of bound to your dog, enforce them constantly. Ifrepparttar 144078 dog learns that he can get away with it now and then, your previous efforts will go downrepparttar 144079 drain. Lastly, make sure everyone inrepparttar 144080 family accept and enforce your rules consistently. Timing Timing is critical to successful training. Praise your dog whenever he is doing something right. As expected, reprimand him onrepparttar 144081 spot and torepparttar 144082 point whenever he misbehave or fails to response to your command. Praise and reprimand that happen later will have no effect on your dog. * There are 2 main schools of thoughts concerningrepparttar 144083 timing of correction when your dog misbehaves. I calledrepparttar 144084 first school of thoughtsrepparttar 144085 “Direct Approach”. It simply requires you to reprimand your dog onrepparttar 144086 spot if he misbehaves. This is more of a tangible and straight forward approach to training your dog and is easy to understand for most trainers. I calledrepparttar 144087 second school of thoughtsrepparttar 144088 “Endurance Approach” as it’ll require you to ignore your dog when he misbehaves. Usingrepparttar 144089 cause and effect to your advantage, this approach requires you to ignorerepparttar 144090 dog, especially when he misbehaves to seek attention and encourage you to pay attention to your dog only when he’s a good boy.

6 Simple Tips To Help Potty Train Your Puppy

Written by Moses Chia

Potty training also known as toilet or house training isrepparttar art of teaching your puppy where you want him to relieve himself. Sound simple! Not exactly, at least to me and many dog owners out there. Potty training my puppy gives merepparttar 144074 most problems and headaches when I start to house train my first puppy years ago. It seems that my puppy is always either inrepparttar 144075 wrong place atrepparttar 144076 right time, orrepparttar 144077 right place atrepparttar 144078 wrong time! Nevertheless, overrepparttar 144079 years, after much experiments and reading up, I’ve manage to come out with 6 simple tips to help potty train your dog. 1. Try to feed your puppy on a regular schedule and remove his water supply before bed time. His potty timing would be more predictable and consistent. 2. Puppy usually instinctively wants to relieve itself after feeding, sleeping, playing and confinement. Bring him to your designated area for his potty business after such activities.

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