Universal Meaning of Celtic Knotwork

Written by Marc Choyt

Inrepparttar spring of 2003, I spent three weeks inrepparttar 122116 city of Chennai, formerly known as Madras, located in Southern India. Each morning, walking beforerepparttar 122117 heat ofrepparttar 122118 day, I was amazed to see intricate knot work patterns drawn out free hand with flour in front ofrepparttar 122119 driveways and gates of homes. These artistic scrolls, I was told by an Indian friend, were offerings to local gods, and were part of a tradition that stretched back intorepparttar 122120 ancient past.

I have seen knot patterns in my travels throughout many parts ofrepparttar 122121 world. In Islamic countries where iconography is prohibited,repparttar 122122 mosques are heavily decorated with knot-like patterns. Stone-carved knot work motifs can be found on ruins fromrepparttar 122123 Americas torepparttar 122124 Hindu iconography of Bali, Indonesia. In Tibet,repparttar 122125 “eternal knot” is a common symbol representingrepparttar 122126 endless cycles of existence.

The knot work most familiar inrepparttar 122127 West is from Celtic iconography. Thoughrepparttar 122128 Celts, beforerepparttar 122129 Roman Empire, were spread throughout much of Western Europe, we’re most familiar with their designs remaining today in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Onrepparttar 122130 moors, surrounded by winding rock walls and ancient neolithic bridges, this knot work carved in stone transcends time. We know fromrepparttar 122131 writings ofrepparttar 122132 Romans thatrepparttar 122133 Celts believed strongly inrepparttar 122134 sacredness of place. Similar torepparttar 122135 beliefs of many in South India today,repparttar 122136 land anchored a particular god or goddess that was meant to be honored, though we do not know whetherrepparttar 122137 knot work designs were made as offerings.

The broad spectrum of knot work designs found in many cultures suggests thatrepparttar 122138 motif is both universal and rooted in ancient mystery. Fromrepparttar 122139 most general perspective, knot work iconography can be viewed as a metaphor for our own unique tapestry of experience. On a macrocosmic level,repparttar 122140 knots express metaphorically that life on earth is deeply interconnected, as illustrated inrepparttar 122141 Spider Women’s web orrepparttar 122142 Great Hoop of Life in Native American stories. As one Native woman told me, if you move a pebble on top of a mountain, you can changerepparttar 122143 course of a mighty river. This is also expressed slightly differently inrepparttar 122144 Biblical aphorism, “We reap what we sow,” which is similar torepparttar 122145 Eastern understanding of karma. Even physics today speaks of a “unified field.”

Yet it is also true that individual elements of knots hold specific meaning fromrepparttar 122146 perspective of sacred geometry. Look around you at different geometric forms. Why isrepparttar 122147 earth, our eyes,repparttar 122148 trunks of trees circular instead of square? How doesrepparttar 122149 circle function inrepparttar 122150 world versesrepparttar 122151 triangle and what does that mean in terms of knot work that uses circular patterns? Here are a few hints to help you with these blueprints.

We speak of a circle of friends and live in circular cycles, such asrepparttar 122152 day andrepparttar 122153 season. Native cultures throughoutrepparttar 122154 world hold ceremonies in protective circles. A knot work pattern with circles or variations of circles certainly has some important keys to relationships and community.

Psychic Counseling

Written by Dale Power

Psychic Counseling is a serious topic, or at least it should be. I’m not talking about 1-800 numbers here, or evenrepparttar local palm reader. I mean real and effective counseling that includes, mental and emotional issues, such as avoiding pitfalls and bad relationships. Counseling that helpsrepparttar 122115 individual make better progress in all aspects their life.

The use of psychic abilities to help someone improve their situation is nothing new. The rich and powerful often have advisors that warn them of potential difficulties and give them tips on how to get around them.

What I am presenting here goes one step further than that. Using psychic counseling as a way to help a person not only avoid dangers, but address deep emotional issues and make better choices. A process that is not as one-way as traditional psychic work, whererepparttar 122116 psychic tellsrepparttar 122117 person what they perceive, with little meaningful interaction and almost no personal growth onrepparttar 122118 side ofrepparttar 122119 client.

The counselor should provide more than raw psychic information. The person being helped should be coached to develop their own skills and intuitions, to use their own psychic skills and talents to better their life. They should be aided in, not just making good decisions right now, but in knowing how to make good choices inrepparttar 122120 future.

I am going to coverrepparttar 122121 psychic aspects of counseling at this point, for you to add to your personal repertoire of skills. Because of space considerations I will not go into issues that pertain only to counseling, even though they are equally important to this process. For ease of use I am going to break this down by specific component, though in a counseling environment, you will want to be using all ofrepparttar 122122 separate parts more holistically for best results.

Preparation- Takerepparttar 122123 time to ready yourself before your client arrives (I am using client to describerepparttar 122124 person being helped for ease of use, it could be your friend, family member or co-worker.) most people will be more at ease if you don’t meditate in front of them forrepparttar 122125 first five minutes they are there.

Start by relaxing and settling your mind into a meditative state. Don’t be afraid of going too deep. When you begin to talk torepparttar 122126 other person your brainwave state will tend to rise somewhat anyway, so this should not be a problem.

Acknowledge your subconscious mind, by briefly holding a single concept, without words or pictures, for a few moments. Any concept will do. Since much of your work will have to be done on a conscious level, it is not of great benefit to plunge into deep conceptual processing at this point. Still, it will help your sensitivity, so make this part of your routine.

Take time to let go of your own preconceptions. Just accept that you may have some and set them aside. This will help your ability to perceive information that is somewhat foreign to your normal mode of operation.

Now that you are in a good starting place you will be able to better apply yourself torepparttar 122127 counseling session.

Empathy/Telepathy- Since you are already in a light receptive state, it should be fairly easy to create an entrainment/resonance pattern withrepparttar 122128 other person. Since you are not going to be working in a deep trance state, catchrepparttar 122129 other persons eye for a few moments. It only takes a few seconds, since it is a natural process, allowing you to become more in synch with one another. Since you are most likely in a more mentally balanced and synchronized state than they are, due to your preparations, they will very likely pick up your mental pattern, making it easier to get a read on them later.

I am not going to tell you how to be an empath or telepath here (you can find out more aboutrepparttar 122130 topic in “Telepathy and Empathy: Getting started” by Dale Power.) rest assured though, that you haverepparttar 122131 capability to do these things, even without special training, as long as you stay relaxed and try! Practice and training help, but these are natural abilities you already posses.

As you speak to them, pay attention to any signals they are giving you. Remember that these signals may not always match what they are thinking on a conscious level atrepparttar 122132 time. Ask about these impressions, not to see if you are correct, but to see what they mean torepparttar 122133 other person. Even things that do not make sense to you may be deeply important, so don’t shy away from what may seem to be a strange idea. Just ask them and see what happens.

Also, be aware of feelings of evasiveness or deception. Don’t hold it againstrepparttar 122134 person if they try to hide embarrassing moments or feelings, this is natural, but do address it and point out it may be happening. With feedback they may be able to correct themselves.

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