Uniting Americans

Written by J.J. Jackson

Liberals are fretting over who President Bush will nominate to replace a retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. For themrepparttar prospect of Justice O’Connor who has only at times been a friend torepparttar 149685 Constitution being replaced with a truly qualified Supreme Court Justice is terrifying. She has flirted with liberal ideology enough over her tenure thatrepparttar 149686 left has gone from completely opposed to her to promotingrepparttar 149687 need to replace her in kind becauserepparttar 149688 mere thought of her replacement being torepparttar 149689 “right” of this “moderate” brings them feelings of dread and despair. At least with a “moderate” onrepparttar 149690 court like Justice O’Connor they can still win victories for their ideology.

Sorepparttar 149691 liberals are out in force calling for a nominee that will unite America. And to be honest, I agree … somewhat.

When liberals talk about “uniting” America they mean someone that is agreeable to all sides be they right or wrong. The problem is however that this isn’t possible. You cannot nominate someone that is acceptable to constitutionalists like my self who seek a nominee that will actually enforcerepparttar 149692 law and not make law and also someone that atrepparttar 149693 same time is acceptable to those that want a nominee who will create a new law and then enforce that new law. Sorry, but it just isn’t going to happen.

I don’t find it odd that this isrepparttar 149694 vain tactic ofrepparttar 149695 left; to call for unity of all ideas no matter how opposed they are to each other. But where wasrepparttar 149696 call from these same elite liberals when a then President Bill Clinton put up for nomination famous rewriter ofrepparttar 149697 Constitution Ruth Bader Ginsberg? I don’t remember them asking Bill Clinton to nominate a Justice that was acceptable to us Constitutionalists and “unite” America. And that is because they didn’t.

But like I said before, I do sort of agree that we need to unite America with Justice O’Connor’s replacement. President Bush should nominate someone that is able to “unite” Americans but realizing that just because people live here and claim citizenship here that they are not necessarily “Americans”.

Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body

Written by David Ben-Ariel

I met Yitzhak Rabin inrepparttar Israeli Parliament in 1982 during Hanukkah. I was able to talk with him briefly and mention I was associated with Ambassador College in Pasadena, California.

That was a tactful way of saying I'm a Christian since I knew he personally knew Herbert W. Armstrong andrepparttar 149684 Worldwide Church of God, includingrepparttar 149685 Plain Truth magazine. Mr. Armstrong had presented him with a gift of Steuben crystal before.

I was a volunteer at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan atrepparttar 149686 time, in Northern Israel near Haifa. Just so happens Rabin had lived there for over a year inrepparttar 149687 late '50s.

I initially considered Rabin - born in Jerusalem - a traitor for surrendering too much to sworn Arab enemies who had not changed their goal of genocide, only their tactics; for going against clear security concerns he once expressed. (I was in a cafe in Jerusalem when he was shot in Tel Aviv). I refused to attend his funeral, although I had attended Rabbi Meir Kahane's some years before.

Later I found out Rabin was apparently being pressured byrepparttar 149688 dark powers that be to continue to go against what he knew was wrong and that he resisted and was therefore MURDERED by them for coming to his senses.

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