Unique gifts Send food gifts for something delicious and different

Written by Nicole Martins

Whether itsrepparttar Christmas holiday season orrepparttar 146032 middle of summer,repparttar 146033 necessity of having to shop for a birthday or anniversary present is inevitable. While its always a thrill to find justrepparttar 146034 right gift for a friend or associate, sometimes issues such as lack of time orrepparttar 146035 difficulty of trying to find a unique gift: how many ties can you buy your brother in law, makerepparttar 146036 buying experience stressful and a hassle. Unique gourmet gifts: salmon, lobster, crab and steak

Theres really no need to buy yet another tie because what your brother in law really wants is a unique food gift such as an assorted steak box featuring specialty cuts of premium beef. This is a gift that he can take outdoors and grill on a nice summer evening or enjoy dining indoors. If you have a seafood lover to please, you can send them anything from smoked salmon gift baskets to a crab bake, lobster bake, or lobster gram. The last two are really fun because your lobster gifts come with live lobster, a pot, lobster bib and other items for a delightful lobster dinner. Crab bakes are generallyrepparttar 146037 same idea only with live crab.

Maxwell House Coffee History

Written by Randy Wilson

Maxwell House Coffee History:
Legend has it that in 1907 President Teddy Roosevelt visited Maxwell House,repparttar prestigious Nashville hotel and after finishing a cup of their namesake coffee, he declared it was, "good torepparttar 145831 last drop." At least that is what Maxwell House Coffee Company advertised in 1920. While legends are romantic they are rarely accurate. Teddy Roosevelt did indeed visitrepparttar 145832 hotel and probably did have a cup of coffee but there is no evidence that he ever uttered those words. Still, legends are romantic and this one sure sold a lot of coffee.

The story of Maxwell House Coffee begins in rural Kentucky in 1873 when Joel Cheek, a traveling salesman for a wholesale grocery firm was asked by a customer whatrepparttar 145833 best coffee that he sold was. In rural areas inrepparttar 145834 1870s people bought their coffee green and roasted it at home. He naturally recommendedrepparttar 145835 most expensive one, though he knew nothing aboutrepparttar 145836 differing qualities of coffee.

Whether bothered by his conscience or simply out of curiosity, that night he roasted some of each type of coffee that he sold and sampled them side by side. He decided that actually one ofrepparttar 145837 cheaper brands hadrepparttar 145838 best flavor. The next day he returned torepparttar 145839 grocer that had asked himrepparttar 145840 question and explained why he would be shipping himrepparttar 145841 cheaper brand.

Continuing to experiment with different varieties of coffee, Cheek became quiterepparttar 145842 aficionado, recognizing that some brands had better body and some better acidity and yet another better flavor and aroma. He began mixing different coffees together to find justrepparttar 145843 right blend.

Many years passed before he would move to Nashville in 1884 and meet Roger Nolley Smith, a British coffee broker who could reportedly tellrepparttar 145844 origin of a coffee simply by smellingrepparttar 145845 green beans. The two became fast friends bound by their passion for coffee. This friendship would berepparttar 145846 beginning of Maxwell House Coffee though it would be several more years before either of them knew it.

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