Unique Tin Can Candle Holders

Written by jeremy gauthier

Unique Tin Can Candle Holders

Ah yesrepparttar good old Tin Can. The tin can has been around for years, providing many different projects to be made from tin cans. They are one ofrepparttar 116294 most versatile mediums for crafts, besides wood and foam. Best part about them, they are cheap. Tin cans can be used to make all kinds of candle holders, providing a unique touch to your home or garden. In this article, we will share some ideas on how to make interesting and unique candle holders out of tin cans.

There are two primary size tin cans, soup cans and coffee cans. Both offer a wide variety of different craft ideas. Tin cans can be cut, punched, painted, weathered and modified in multiple ways. They can be set on top of a table or hung out inrepparttar 116295 garden.

Letís start withrepparttar 116296 basics. Most people will decide to punch holes intorepparttar 116297 can, which isrepparttar 116298 easiest. However you can use any type of cutting tools. A drill is handy, but even better is a Dremel tool. But for those who will be using a hammer or even a drill, letís start there. Before you start anything, fillrepparttar 116299 can with water and freeze it. This will allow you to punch holes easier, with out bendingrepparttar 116300 can.

It always helps to have some kind of plan or design in your head or on paper. In fact drawingrepparttar 116301 design out on paper allows you to modify it and then tape it aroundrepparttar 116302 tin can as a template. Think about weather or not you may want to paintrepparttar 116303 tin can or weather proof it for outside garden use.

One example of a design is a simple western motif. Download of a silhouette graphic of a dog howling atrepparttar 116304 moon. Withrepparttar 116305 Dremal tool cut outrepparttar 116306 scene onrepparttar 116307 tin can. After painting it black and punching two holes atrepparttar 116308 top, you can hang it in a garden. Simpler designs would include punch out designs such as creating a bunch of tiny wholes to create a night sky effect. Patterns also look great.

Embossed Votive Holder Shade

Written by Michelle Gauthier

Embossed Votive Holder Shade Createrepparttar look of a Stained Glass Votive Holder

Supplies Needed: Most items can be found inrepparttar 116293 Scrap booking/Stamping section of your local craft store. Straight-Sided Clear Glass Votive Holder Vellum Craft Markers of various colors Hole Punch Decorative String Embossing Powder in your choice of color Versamark Ink Pad Embossing Heat Tool Scissors Tape Measure or Ruler

1. Measurerepparttar 116294 height and circumference of your Glass votive holder with a tape measure or ruler. Use these

measurements to cut out a piece of vellum. It is important to make sure thatrepparttar 116295 vellum does not extend pastrepparttar 116296

top ofrepparttar 116297 votive holder because this will increaserepparttar 116298 risk of a fire hazard.

2. After you have planned your design with your stamp(s), userepparttar 116299 Versamark ink to stamprepparttar 116300 design ontorepparttar 116301

vellum. At this pointrepparttar 116302 design will be clear.

3. Now sprinklerepparttar 116303 embossing powder ontorepparttar 116304 stamped design. Turnrepparttar 116305 vellum upright and make sure all stray

powder has been shaken or tapped off. Also make sure that your entire design has been covered in powder. You

will be able to see this becauserepparttar 116306 embossing powder will stick torepparttar 116307 design that you stamped withrepparttar 116308

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