Unique Selling Proposition On Ebay

Written by Greg Hayes

If you have dabbled at all inrepparttar world of Internet marketing, you may have heardrepparttar 117140 term "unique selling proposition" or USP. USP is a technique that Internet marketers use to set themselves apart fromrepparttar 117141 competition. Internet marketing is highly competitive and highly saturated. In order to be successful, it is vital thatrepparttar 117142 Internet marketer present himself as being unique and different from his competitors especially when many of them are sellingrepparttar 117143 same products.

It is also just as vital to have a unique selling proposition on Ebay. I am amazed atrepparttar 117144 number of Ebay sellers that are either unaware or just don't care aboutrepparttar 117145 importance of having a unique selling position. A case in point: A while back, I was researching some products on Ebay from a wholesale company called B&F System. B&F System is a wholesale only company that carries a variety of brand name products. One ofrepparttar 117146 brands they carry is called Maxam. I came across several Maxam leather jackets on Ebay while searching ended auctions. Now here'srepparttar 117147 kicker. About a dozen or so of these leather jacket auctions were exactlyrepparttar 117148 same. They all usedrepparttar 117149 same image of a guy modelingrepparttar 117150 jacket that was captured fromrepparttar 117151 B&F website. They even usedrepparttar 117152 exact ad copy used by B&F!

What wasrepparttar 117153 result? Only one ofrepparttar 117154 sellers was able sell any jackets. The top bid was only $26. And since he purchasedrepparttar 117155 jackets from B&F for $20, he made about $5.00 profit after Ebay fees. That's a slim profit for an item that normally retails for $95.

Always keep in mind thatrepparttar 117156 amount of effort you put fourth on you auctions will be in direct proportion torepparttar 117157 amount of return you get from your auctions. The sellers who put uprepparttar 117158 jacket auctions

Working At Home: The First Year Revisited

Written by Kirk Bannerman

For reasons that escape me now, I kept sort of a diary during my first full year of working at a home based business. It was nothing close to being a complete daily diary, but was more of a collection of scribbles about things that I felt were worthy of note atrepparttar time. Since quite a bit of time has passed since then, I decided to revisit these notes.

In no particular order, here are some ofrepparttar 117139 things that I had made note of.

Choosingrepparttar 117140 path...inrepparttar 117141 beginning, my enthusiasm was very high (perhaps too high?) and I was chasing off on several different home-based business opportunities atrepparttar 117142 same time (exhibiting repparttar 117143 "dog in a meat market" syndrome, I suppose) and not focusing my efforts enough to be successful at any single one of them. I finally reigned myself in and focused on a single work at home business opportunity.

In other notes I find reference to emotional and/or psychological issues that I experienced and are probably typical for most people when starting a home based business. When working at home a person can, at times, experience a feeling of isolation which is probably brought on byrepparttar 117144 lack of interaction of a work force environment.

There were also periods of doubt inrepparttar 117145 early going...did I pick a viable business opportunity?...am I doingrepparttar 117146 right things to develop my business?...when will I start making a profit?, and so on.

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