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What Will WE Do?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

We have establishedrepparttar groundwork for an open-minded evaluation of many aspects (if not all) of society in our 'Hard, Hidden and Common Science' volume. Many questions remain and will always be left open for new details and possibilities, butrepparttar 132280 basic framework of an intelligence that is designing our reality has been given a boost by scientists and mathematicians. Teilhard's 'templates',repparttar 132281 'World Mind' and Gaian ideologies have reason to claimrepparttar 132282 intellectual high ground andrepparttar 132283 Ecofeminists properly show they are open to makerepparttar 132284 most of all our human potential. There is no need to seek revenge or ascendancy over others who (like weak men with ‘needs’) have enslaved and violently abused their 'brothers'. Nurture and nature have much to teach us still; despiterepparttar 132285 plethora of 'fantastic' scientific advances in nanotech, nanotubes, gene-therapy, cold fusion, EMF and 'Dark Matter' or 'Free Energy, time travel and 300 Xrepparttar 132286 speed of a variable light, and bio-ram that will self-power and replicate like peptides in robots to make us obsolete (per Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems and Ray Kurzweilrepparttar 132287 1999 Medal winner in technology). Ifrepparttar 132288 ethics of nurture and nature don't succeed then another kind of horror show awaits in a 'big shoot em up' afterrepparttar 132289 elite colonize space. If you have read 'Science' as we reported on these and a host of other things from history, archaeology and all social and intellectual attitudes; then you are an informed consumer. The answers of beliefs you will establish may make you feel comfort or anguish. It is difficult not to feel some rage and disgust, or be moved torepparttar 132290 point of actual 'belief'. We ask that you guard againstrepparttar 132291 ego's need to fix upon a set perspective. There are no absolutes or 'black and white' answers. The Maya people have said it eloquently in their saying: "DO NOT PUT YOUR self, in front of your SELF!" The 'Post-Modern' socially-engineered state of manageable people in a state of quantum-leap regeneration has been touched upon with many clear and present dangers to freedom and individual 'thinking' apparent. Hypnotic or thought-cloned 'psycho-civilized' processes and technologies based on knowledge some would say MAN has no right to play with are being used against (or for)repparttar 132292 betterment of our species and all other lifeforms that constitute our shared ethos and élan. Creativity has a real chance to make us become able to meet all challenges and opportunities or it could actualize a state of control that will makerepparttar 132293 movie The Matrix seem almost ideal. Who can we TRUST? Is there a spokesman or agency that seeks to presentrepparttar 132294 opposing viewpoints? Arerepparttar 132295 'Goths' just another hippie' or beatnik' demographic? Reality is what we visualize it to be in ways that evenrepparttar 132296 mystics never imagined possible unless they were like Napoleon or Berenguer Saunière who blanched atrepparttar 132297 terror of our potential to manipulate forces once thought to exist inrepparttar 132298 hands of gods or ascended masters. Kissinger is right aboutrepparttar 132299 Intergalactic Brotherhood (we hope) andrepparttar 132300 requirement to remove prejudice and right-wing terrorist or religious extremism before we are admitted therein. There have always been leaders, salesmen or other hucksters (priestly magicians, sophists, prostitutes of every stripe and colour) who benefit when they get you (us, society, or cults) to 'believe'. Harkening back to my days as a sales manager I rememberrepparttar 132301 techniques which sought to make salespeople aware that a sale is always made. The salesman is more oftenrepparttar 132302 one who buysrepparttar 132303 pitch ofrepparttar 132304 client who tells him/her that he doesn't needrepparttar 132305 product or service. At least that is what management for that product or service seeks to convince its salesforce is true - because every prospect is qualified to benefit from their product. In New England I often foundrepparttar 132306 potential customer wasn't even listening until they said 'NO!'. Here are a few words that I hope help setrepparttar 132307 proper mental agenda. “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation. – Herbert Spencer” Our materialistic and hedonistic (need-oriented) social structure that Dr. Janice Boddy calls a 'Global Reifying Thrust of Materialism' has actuated some real benefits overrepparttar 132308 old forms of feudal and aristocratic controls. But there are many who suffer more than ever. The people who haverepparttar 132309 most toys do not win. We know it can be 'fun' to compete and 'get over' and make sure you haverepparttar 132310 most you can get. We also know there is more than 'one pie' (despite Thomas Malthus) and that a different ethic is needed. This ethic of brotherhood and creativity which would seek to enable all to have more soulful understanding will make evenrepparttar 132311 elite see how poor they have been as they feed offrepparttar 132312 backs ofrepparttar 132313 unfortunate and uneducated. We propose a 'Global Deifying Visualization of Spirituality' is what mankind must achieve before we colonize space or allow anyone segment of humanity access to gene-therapy that will extend life to a nine hundred year potential.

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