Unique Gift Items - 3 Creative Ideas

Written by Cindy Carrera

With promotional items there are standards: t-shirts, mugs, note cubes, calendars, magnets and keychains. Then, there isrepparttar really creative. Sometimes with a specific campaign, you may want to go above and beyond and really start a buzz about your company.

This is not to say that creativity always costs more money. In fact, a really cheap promotional item can go a long way ifrepparttar 144758 right message is attached. For example,repparttar 144759 first idea stems from a friend of mine who worked at a career school. She is ever so quirky and wanted to create a fun item for an upcoming career fair.

Backscratchers Whose back doesn't itch? That's when Donna came up withrepparttar 144760 idea to get backscratchers printed with this saying: "Itchin' for a new career?" and thenrepparttar 144761 school's name. Her boss through she was brilliant and approvedrepparttar 144762 item. The idea was fun and simple, and it worked. People circled aroundrepparttar 144763 gymnasium carrying bags full of literature and actively scratching their backs. It helped that her booth also was giving away some bigger items that required people to fill out entry blanks, which kept people atrepparttar 144764 table longer. The item caught on, that everyone wanted one, even those from competing schools and businesses.

This idea can be applied to any type of industry: Mortgage/Real Estate- "Itchin' for a new home?" Car- "Itchin for a new car?" Lawn care- "Itchin' for greener grass?"

The list is endless- just insert your product after itchin'!

Chocolate Bars There are many candy companies that will print any message you'd like on a candy bar. Unlike other items, this is one that will not last long. However,repparttar 144765 item is still memorable. Try puttingrepparttar 144766 message, "The sweet smell of success…." on it and tie it in to what you are offering. They actually will get to taste is as well, which could also be a way to write your message. ("Are you tasting success?") Either way, this is something that everyone will enjoy and is sure to get a call of thanks. (Just make sure they aren't allergic!)

Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Use This System to Track Publicity Progress

Written by Ned Steele

Tracking your correspondence with reporters, via phone or email, is important for two reasons. First of all, promises to follow-up can slip betweenrepparttar cracks of daily business and cost you a change at free publicity. Second, you don't ever want to contact a reporter twice aboutrepparttar 144757 same story. You will immediately destroy your credibility.

In my years as a public relations professional, I've developed a good system that financial planners can use to track contacts withrepparttar 144758 media.

It's simple. Just two logs that you can keep in a paper notepad, or in a spreadsheet program on your computer.

Keep one log to track reporters that you have contacted. It should have these three columns: A column forrepparttar 144759 names ofrepparttar 144760 reporters you’ve contacted, a column that lists what each reporter is interested in, and then a column describing when/why to follow up next.

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