Unique Cat Urns Aren't That Difficult to Find

Written by Tara Pearce

Are you looking for an urn for your catís cremains? Perhaps something a little more unique than simply a wooden box is what you want. If so, we can help. Weíve done lots of research all overrepparttar internet to findrepparttar 142188 nicest and most unique cat urns onrepparttar 142189 market today. This article will describe a few that weíve found to give you an idea of whatís available. When youíre finished reading, please visit our Pet Urns page for more details on where you can findrepparttar 142190 products we mention.

One of my favorites is a take off onrepparttar 142191 traditional boxy urn. You can choose from 3 different wood colors (real wood) and thereís also a little plaque that goes onrepparttar 142192 front that can include up to 3 lines of text. The nicest part of it isrepparttar 142193 cat figurine affixed torepparttar 142194 top ofrepparttar 142195 box. There are several breeds, colors and positions to choose from so you will be able to have a reasonable likeness of your cat.

If You Want to Send a Sympathy Gift For the Loss of a Pet, Here Are Some Suggestions

Written by Tara Pearce

If a friend of family member has just lost a pet, itís natural to want to send them a sympathy gift. The hard part isnít pulling out your credit card to buy though Ė itís deciding what to send. Itís a sensitive time and you donít want to upset someone whoís close to you. Thatís why weíre here. Weíve been on both sides of this terrible time and can guide you in terms of what to send.

If you have a tight budget, for less than $50 you can getrepparttar following items:

- A book that helpsrepparttar 142187 pet owner through their grieving. - A memorial stone forrepparttar 142188 backyard, engraved withrepparttar 142189 petís name, date of birth or a nice poem. - A figurine ofrepparttar 142190 petís breed is always nice. - A necklace with a bone or a dog pendant. - A picture frame and put a picture ofrepparttar 142191 pet in it.

If you have a little more to play with, for under $100 you could get:

- A granite pet marker withrepparttar 142192 text of your choice. - A portrait frame urn for a keepsake or cremains. - A memorial stone with a beautiful saying: ďIf tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, Iíd walk right up to Heaven and bring you Home againĒ

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