Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Diaper Cakes

Written by Regina Taylor

All of us know that when we are about to attend a large party, especially a baby shower, we want to bringrepparttar perfect gift that will stand apart fromrepparttar 141010 rest. You donít wantrepparttar 141011 recipient to go throughrepparttar 141012 gift book register later in order to recall what you gave her. You also want to present a practical gift that will actually be used!

Diaper Cakes are wonderful gifts to bring to baby showers. What is a Diaper Cake? Itís a wonderfully handcrafted baby gift. This inedible creation is arranged with premium diapers coiled in bountiful layers and filled with baby accessories and toys. The outer layer is adorned with hooded towels, bibs, t-shirts, booties, and many other baby items. All cakes are sealed in cellophane wrapping and topped off with a big bow.

CAKE INGREDIENTS Below you will find a list of what may be included in your diaper cake. You will also find a listing ofrepparttar 141013 small baby accessories that come with it as well. Overall, diaper cakes come in many themes, colors and sizes. The larger cakes contain more items thanrepparttar 141014 smaller cakes.

Linda Jenkinson

Written by Traveling With Babies

If you start traveling with your little one slowly and plan wisely, both you and baby will enjoy first-class comfort. If you begin with baby steps, youíll find that you and your little one will soon be able to walk, ride, or fly inrepparttar fast lane.

Day Trips

Introduce baby to travel starting with a few day-trips to a local relative or friend. Basic equipment will be a packed diaper bag, a stroller or pram (if youíll spend some time outdoors), and a car seat. Most modern car seats easily detach and convert into a baby carrier.

Be sure to pack your diaper bag with a diaper for each two hours you intend to be away from home. Pack 2 nipples for each bottle you pack, two to three receiving blankets, and an extra change of clothing for baby and an extra shirt for you. Cut down on diaper bag weight and keep things easy to find by using Ziploc bags to pack extras like nipples, wipes, and pacifiers. Pack one large, empty Ziploc for soiled items.


For babyís first overnight trip, youíll need to extend your day-trip plan with a couple of extra receiving blankets and extra sets of clothing for baby. Even if your overnight trip is to Grandmaís house, remember that nighttime sounds and perceptions may be different from those during daytime hours. A good pram with wheel locks can double as a bassinet, helping baby feel right at home and enabling everyone to sleep more comfortably throughrepparttar 140994 night.

If overnight travel is a frequent part of your regular routine, consider investing in a Graco Pack Ďn Play Classic Care Center. This excellent piece of baby travel equipment is a bassinet, changing table, and playpen in one portable unit that folds into a handy tote bag. There are 22 models ofrepparttar 140995 Classic Care Center. With prices starting at under $50.00, youíre sure to find one thatís right for your little one and your budget.

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