Unfit Mothers: A guide to becoming a better mom

Written by Kenia Morales

The other day I was watching Oprah one of my favorite shows for many reasons but, that would be another subject. The topic was unfit mothers. Trust me it was more than evident that some ofrepparttar guests there had some serious issues due torepparttar 142907 amount of abuse or neglect that they place their children in.

However, there is something that really bothered me, they had numerous recordings of women that called saying that they believed they were unfit mothers because they get angry at their children and feel frustrated at times. Was I hearing right? Give me a break? Are moms not supposed to have feelings? Hmmm! Let me see,

•Once in a while when I am about to finish an article my one year old comes withrepparttar 142908 cheesiest smile and turns offrepparttar 142909 computer. Ifrepparttar 142910 article is not saved I lose it completely.

•How about you are trying to think straight and you have a toddler screaming mommy, mommy, mommy, I want juice, a toy, food, etc.

• Have you ever finished cleaning and just when you think you can sit down your child spills something inrepparttar 142911 floor?

•Or my all time favorite when ever I take my girls to a special place. I feel that I will be happy by just seeing them have a good time; and what they do? They spendrepparttar 142912 whole time crying and bickering.

Think again! All these things bother me and I say it even if people nod their heads with disbelief and think “what a terrible mom”.

Moms are humans too you know, we haverepparttar 142913 right to feel tired, angry, happy, excited etc. Unlike those 60’s shows were mom was always available and eager to pleaserepparttar 142914 whole family with a big smile. You want to know what I think? There is no way that a person can focus on everyone else and never do anything to fulfill them selves and be content in life.

So, here isrepparttar 142915 key to being a better mom?

Take care of yourself first! These women that were frustrated are probably too busy trying to be perfect mothers and neglect themselves. Therefore, they probably resent their children and even their partners because they have given up their true identities. Why do I say true identity? Being a mom is only one ofrepparttar 142916 many roles that we play in life. Remember who you were before you had children: your hobbies, aspirations, life motto. Who wasrepparttar 142917 person that your partner felt in love with? Or friends and family once knew? It is not like you are a computer that once you become a mom your whole Identity gets erased and you automatically become super mom.

"Make Me Feel Special"

Written by Yvonne Finn

"Make Me Feel Special"

This quote from George Cummings, says it all.

"Every person you meet in life has a flashing sign on their chest. It says, 'Make me feel special'."

There is no greater thing that we can do in each human interaction than to makerepparttar other person feel special. Now, this is not done by phony and insincere words, but by creating a feeling of acceptance inrepparttar 142876 other person. A feeling that you know them, their feelings and accept them justrepparttar 142877 way they are.

And no, you don't have to agree with everything they say or do. What you must do ,however, is hear what they say and respect their right to feel as they feel.

Even marketers no longer believe in " generic mass marketing" they strive to make every consumer feel "special" and unique, even though they (the customer)have purchasedrepparttar 142878 exact same product as million others have. This is a tall order, butrepparttar 142879 business that's able to do this Specialness" marketing will be miles ahead in revenues. Why? Because, consumers DON'T buy products! They buy what products offer or promise to do for them.

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