Unemploymet Blue: Mind Over Mood

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Our lives are tranquil and smooth so seldom, it seems. We have our ups-and-downs, our good days and bad days, our sunny moods and black moods. The less we swing in opposite directions,repparttar happier we tend to be. The biology of our bodies craves balance and consistency -- changes in our thought patterns and emotions interruptrepparttar 141165 regularity of our nerve pathways leading to chemical inbalance and internal disturbances.

Stress kills because stress isrepparttar 141166 critical determinant of how we think, how we feel, how we react: all activities which terribly upset that silent body chemistry. Events cause stress:repparttar 141167 death or illness of a loved one, fear of terrorism, divorce, exposure to violence or a personal attack, financial setbacks, loss of a job.

We cannot removerepparttar 141168 event: it happened. We cannot controlrepparttar 141169 stress: our bodies have already reacted. We can only control our mind and use its enormous power to move ourselves back closer to normalcy and serenity.

Unemployment plays havoc with our emotional system. We rapidly cycle through anger at what has happened, grief at what we have lost, fear of what lies ahead, and recurrent shockwaves of shame, anxiety, and despair. We take a number of hits all at once: loss of occupational identity, economic pressure, family anxiety, andrepparttar 141170 humiliation of job search. How can one little mind fight all of that at once?

One step at a time.

1. Assess.

Assess your situation objectively so you can set your priorities in order. If you are eligible, register for unemployment immediately while identifying everything in your life you can live without forrepparttar 141171 immediate future: entertainment, treats, brand foods, non-generic household staples, driving for pleasure, gourmet cooking, and eating out. Check your credit cards and major loans (house, car) and see if there are arrangements you can make to just payrepparttar 141172 interest until you're back to work. Early contacts and planning may reduce your immediate financial burdens which will, in return, reduce your level of anxiety and fear.

Resolve not to ruminate aboutrepparttar 141173 unfairness of your layoff and identify some activities which will allow you to keep that negative brooding at bay when it quietly sneaks up on you.

2. Ask.

Asking for support starts with bringing your family on board so they know how you're feeling and how they can help. Even a totally self-absorbed teenager may be willing to pull their part whenrepparttar 141174 family's survival is at stake. Explain how you are going to organize your job search and how you will need to count on them when you're feeling rejected and worthless. Identify a time when you will all meet together, once a week, so you can fill them in on what has been happening and get ideas from them which might make your next efforts more successful.

Employment Under A Microscope

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

A certain amount of oversight is involved in almost any job. The more important,repparttar more highly skilled,repparttar 141164 more successfulrepparttar 141165 position,repparttar 141166 lowerrepparttar 141167 degree of oversight. Atrepparttar 141168 bottom rung ofrepparttar 141169 economic and social ladder -repparttar 141170 laborers,repparttar 141171 maids,repparttar 141172 easily replaceable positions -repparttar 141173 more watchful arerepparttar 141174 powers that be,repparttar 141175 less secure arerepparttar 141176 workers,repparttar 141177 more personally vulnerable are they to any mistakes made.

When money or similar valuables are intermixed with poorly paid employees,repparttar 141178 level of oversight reaches outsized and intrusive proportions. Diamond workers in South Africa submit to body cavity searches after every shift, a humiliation society normally limits to convicted felons or known drug traffickers.

Inrepparttar 141179 United States, low-level workers in finance and banking are closely observed for cash or figure discrepancies. Too many errors lead inevitably to termination. The largerrepparttar 141180 amounts of money involved,repparttar 141181 more significantrepparttar 141182 mistakes become. A fast food register a few cents out of balance differs markedly from a bank cashier imbalance of several hundred dollars.

The more pure cash is involved,repparttar 141183 more difficulty there is in tracing a paper trail of transactions to establish where a discrepancy occurred. I just returned from three days in Las Vegas,repparttar 141184 American capital of cash. Surely nowhere else inrepparttar 141185 country handlesrepparttar 141186 thousands of hundred dollar bills that change hands in that town, torepparttar 141187 tune of several billion dollars annually.

For years, inrepparttar 141188 counting rooms it was one pile forrepparttar 141189 house, one pile forrepparttar 141190 government, and one pile for "the boys." Untold millions were siphoned off forrepparttar 141191 East Coast crime czars. The government hated being cheated of their fair share. The gamblers could care less whererepparttar 141192 money went as long as they had a fair chance of winning and their play rendered them free rooms, free shows, and free food. It was symbiotic - a mutually advantageous relationship. Any worker foolish enough to try to cheatrepparttar 141193 uniquely expert cheaters atrepparttar 141194 top, found their final reward inrepparttar 141195 unforgiving desert where flesh melts quickly and bone fragments blow quickly away inrepparttar 141196 beds of long-dry rivers.

Thenrepparttar 141197 corporations moved in and "the boys" faded away into their old street rackets andrepparttar 141198 burgeoning drug trade. The corporate-owned casinos are no longer inrepparttar 141199 business of skimming: they can make legitimate returns for their shareholders throughrepparttar 141200 huge returns guaranteed byrepparttar 141201 house advantage in every transaction. To add torepparttar 141202 gaming cash, they moved to ensure a profit in related areas: rooms, food, and shows.

Evenrepparttar 141203 owners and managers, with their accounting-oriented perspective onrepparttar 141204 world, recognize their vulnerability to greed, cheating, and theft inrepparttar 141205 huge cash side of their business.

Casino worker oversight, while not yet approachingrepparttar 141206 body-cavity-search level, is perhapsrepparttar 141207 most organized and intrusive inrepparttar 141208 western world. It ranges from dealers clapping and showing open, empty hands, to two or more floor walkers (depending onrepparttar 141209 size ofrepparttar 141210 jackpot) co-signing on every hand-pay slot win. It involves floor men watching every table bet, box men watching every roll ofrepparttar 141211 dice and its payoff stacks of chips. It requires supervisors to watchrepparttar 141212 floor men, managers to watchrepparttar 141213 supervisors, undercover security men to watch both workers and guests, and eye-in-the-sky overhead cameras that can observe and detect every one of a million transactions per day.

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