Underwater digital cameras

Written by Jakob Jelling

Underwater photography's is primarily focused towards entertaining and informingrepparttar people andrepparttar 116108 users themselves about what is happening inrepparttar 116109 world of under water withrepparttar 116110 aid of photography. The advent of digital cameras has opened up new horizons for such ventures. These digital cameras are not only handy and sleek but also they offer a spectral range of features that helpsrepparttar 116111 underwater photographers in their work a lot. In this discussion these special features of underwater digital cameras are necessarily been revealed and done justice to!

Looking atrepparttar 116112 grass root level some ofrepparttar 116113 main features thatrepparttar 116114 users ofrepparttar 116115 underwater digital cameras must necessarily seek are as follows. They are applications for land mode, sea mode and external flash mode. This helps in shooting in any conditions inrepparttar 116116 sea and obtains much better picture quality than ever before. Some other features are like instant delete option after each picture in both sea and external flash modes along with one-button operation features. These mentioned features providerepparttar 116117 sophistication as well as ease of control forrepparttar 116118 photographers. Some more desirable features are expandable and good quality standard lenses, flashes and accessories.

Some ofrepparttar 116119 sophisticated and well know underwater digital cameras such asrepparttar 116120 Aqua Pix DX3100 are fully functional and even have a 3.1 mega pixel resolution. These digital cameras can be aptly described as being effusively amphibious! Thusrepparttar 116121 chances of water damage and flooding in these underwater digital cameras are greatly reduced and are hence extensively used for professional purposes too.

The Happy Tinkerer - Making Homemade Devices For The Fun Of It

Written by Alan Detwiler

I've always liked to make gadgets and gizmos that have some function, either useful or not so useful. It started withrepparttar simple things that many kids make - slingshots, a simple bow and arrow, a toy boat. Occasionally I made more involved items such as a canoe and a dune buggy. Then there wasrepparttar 116107 grass hut - 12 feet across, octogonal in shape, and thatched top to bottom with a thick layer of grass. I built it in a remote location, near a stipmine filled with water. Hauledrepparttar 116108 cut grass in a 1972 Volkswagon convertible withrepparttar 116109 top down. Piledrepparttar 116110 grass high inrepparttar 116111 back seat. It must have taken a dozen trips back and forth from a nearby hay field.

Simple things appeal to me more than costly homemade items. A small project lets me pursue an interest without interfering with other goals. A project with a small amount of time invested seems more like entertainment. Time spent earnestly involved inrepparttar 116112 creation of something designed and made with ones own ingenuity can be quite enjoyable.

So now when I don't feel motivated to do more practical things I often turn to an idea about some device or other that I've wanted to try making but never got around to. I can recall many such improvised devices that gave me satisfaction and enjoyment.

Ideas for things to make come from many places. Most oftenrepparttar 116113 idea comes from some need. I do a lot of keying of text using a computer keyboard. I tend to keeprepparttar 116114 room temperature a bit cool, cool enough that my hands become uncomfortable. I ended up rigging a length of electrical heating tape wound in a large coil-shape to surroundrepparttar 116115 keyboard. Tyingrepparttar 116116 heat tape to a large piece of cardboard keeps it in place. It does a nice job of keeping my hands warm. I can leaverepparttar 116117 room temperature set where I want it. As far as I know, you can't buy anything like that.

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