Understanding the Language & Behavior of a Pet Bird

Written by Tippy & Alfred

Birds, just like other pets, have their own ways of Communicating, or Bird Language.

Birds communicate to other birds and also communicate to their owners, in a variety of ways. While all species have their own unique methods of bird language, there are many generalities.

Birds use their body, body parts and voices to express a wide range of emotions.

Ways Birds Communicate

Barking Some birds give out a type of bark when excited or when trying to prove their dominance.

Beak Clicking When a bird is clicking it's beak, it is trying to tell others it is threatened or that it is protecting something.

Beak Grinding When a bird grinds it's beakrepparttar bird is trying to communicate it is feeling secure and content.

Beak Wiping When a bird wipes it's beakrepparttar 144476 bird is trying to communicate that he is aggravated or upset about something. Beak wiping is also typically normal behavior for birds when they are trying to cleanrepparttar 144477 beak or dislodge something stuck in it.

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Chattering Some birds just like to talk, talk about anything; their environment, how they feel,repparttar 144478 state ofrepparttar 144479 union.... so to communicate their thoughts, they chatter, sometimes incessantly, sometimes loud, sometimes soft.

Young birds chirp or chatter when they want fed. Birds inrepparttar 144480 wild often chatter as a warning sign to other birds that something is not right in their environment, or as a call to attract another bird's attention.

Crouching Ifrepparttar 144481 bird is crouching with it's head towardrepparttar 144482 owner,repparttar 144483 birds wants to be petted or scratched.

If crouching with head down, relaxed body and raised wings, repparttar 144484 bird wants attention.

If crouching with head down, eyes pinning, flared tail feathers, ruffled feathers, and a rigid body,repparttar 144485 bird is giving a warning to back off.

Flashing or Dilating Pupils Flashing or dilating pupilsrepparttar 144486 bird may be trying to communicate aggression, excitement, nervousness, or pleasure.

Growling Some birds communicate with a type of growl that means back off mister and leave me alone.

How to Maintain Your Love Affair ... With Your Dog Part Two - Assemble a Great Team

Written by Peggie Arvidson-Dailey

In part one we talked about forming good behavior traits early. Part two focuses onrepparttar types of people you want on your dog's 'team.'

Create a Good Team of Advisors

□ Find A Great Vet. One ofrepparttar 144399 best ways to find a great vet is to ask for referrals from friends and neighbors. It is best to ask people whose relationship with their dog is similar to yours. The Humane Society ofrepparttar 144400 US notes some other things to keep in mind would berepparttar 144401 convenience: are their hours amenable to your schedule? Is it easy to get an appointment? Do they have an effective emergency system in case your dog slits her foot on a holiday? How many vets are inrepparttar 144402 practice? How about parking and space to load and unload your dog? If you have an unusual breed of dog, or one that is generally accepted as a ‘difficult’ breed (like a Pit-Bull, Chow Chow, etc) how comfortable are they handling your pet? Once you’ve narrowed down your list of vets, schedule an appointment to meet withrepparttar 144403 staff, take a tour ofrepparttar 144404 facility and ask them for references from their clients.

□ Be a Good Vet Client. When you’ve foundrepparttar 144405 right vet for you and your dog, it’s important that you work hard to maintainrepparttar 144406 relationship. Know your dog. By understanding his personality and when “not right” is more than just a pulled muscle from an invigorating game of Frisbee™ you can help your vet isolate and catch diseases such as Lyme Disease. If you are aware ofrepparttar 144407 nuances of your pet’s regular behavior, you will not spend more time than necessary calling or visiting your vet. Keep up to date on preventive care and keep your doctor inrepparttar 144408 loop if you are trying new or holistic care options. If you have an appointment, be sure to show up on time and make sure your dog is on a leash.

□ Find a Good Groomer. If your dog is of a particularly furry breed and prone to matting, or you are not comfortable setting aside regular ‘home grooming’ time, it’s important for you to find and use a good professional groomer. You can find a groomer through referrals or throughrepparttar 144409 National Dog Groomers Association of America. Before making your dog’s first appointment, see if you can stop by and see their facility. During your tour reflect onrepparttar 144410 following questions. Is it well-lit? Does it smell and look clean? Are its holding cages adequately sized? How doesrepparttar 144411 staff handle their current clients? Do they seem to act gently? Doesrepparttar 144412 groomer keep updated medical and grooming history?

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