Understanding sleep for healthier living and getting the job done

Written by Miha Thornton

It's always intriguing to hearrepparttar latest survey related to sleep.

And they all have one thing in common and that is people are much better off gettingrepparttar 149243 recommended hours for healthier living.

That doesn't come as anything new but what arerepparttar 149244 prescribed hours we should be sleeping each night and what actually happens when we lay down and close our eyes every night.

Sleep for human beings is divided into two distinct states; "REM" (rapid eye movement) also called light or active, and "NREM" (non rapid eye movement), also called deep or quiet sleep.

When adults fall asleep we generally slip straight into NREM sleep.

Our bodies become motionless, breathing (becomes) is shallow and regular, our muscles relax and for all money we (are) become "out to it". After about ninety minutes our brain begins to "wake up" and starts functioning on a different level, this is when we enter REM sleep.

During REM, our brain, it could be said, "exercises", we dream, fidget, roll over, moan and talk in our sleep, even adjustrepparttar 149245 blankets without fully awakening. When we wake duringrepparttar 149246 night, either for no apparent reason or to go torepparttar 149247 bathroom it is from this REM state.

The average adult during a normal eight hour sleep takes seven minutes to fall asleep and spends around two hours in REM sleep and six hours in NREM sleep, rotating betweenrepparttar 149248 two states about every ninety minutes.

Infants onrepparttar 149249 other hand, especially young babies, enter sleep through an initial twenty or thirty minutes in REM.

This explains why a lot of people especially babysitters and people unfamiliar with babies sleeping patterns go to painstaking, meticulous and sometimes bizarre lengths to get baby off to sleep - only to have her suddenly wake when it looks likerepparttar 149250 "deals done".

If efforts were to continue for an extra twenty or thirty minutes until baby has entered NREM sleep there is a far greater chance that baby will stay asleep.

One would recognizerepparttar 149251 transition from NEM to NREM sleep. Spasmodic twitches, muscle tightness, grimaces and even sleep grins would gradually give way to an overall limpness with breathing becoming more regular and shallow. If baby needs to be moved it's better to wait for her to reach NREM state as she can be easily woken whilst in REM sleep.

Young babies spend approximately half their sleeping time in REM, dropping off to about twenty five percent byrepparttar 149252 time they reach four years of age. Infants sleep cycles occur about every sixty minutes (that is going from light sleep to deep sleep then back to light sleep).

Wow, Grandma Is Dating!

Written by Allie Ochs

When Lena began dating, her youngest son, Paul, joinedrepparttar same dating site. Lena, divorced, was 52 and Paul 24. While Paul was searching for a future wife, his mother was looking for someone to retire with. Mother and son had something in common: they were looking for love. Asrepparttar 149208 entire family witnessed their dating sagas unfold, Lena becamerepparttar 149209 subject of criticism.

Her family was concerned for her safety and reputation. After 30 years of marriage, they knew, that Lena was very vulnerable. What did she know about dating and strangers or date rape and sexually transmitted diseases? Lena knew one thing for certain: love does not have a best-before date. Evidently there was another unspoken concern: who would cook Sunday dinners, watchrepparttar 149210 grandkids and walkrepparttar 149211 dogs if mom or grandma was dating. Lena was not about to let these chores hold her back.

Lena is one of many fiery over 50 dames with lots of love and life. The idea of dating put a sparkle into her eyes. After a few “let’s meet for coffee” dates, that didn’t amount to anything, Lena struck gold! Ryan, whom she met in her doctor’s waiting room, was everything she hoped for. They exchanged phone numbers, leaving Lena’s doctor worried about her elevated heart rate. A widower without children, Ryan was like a breath of fresh air. Easy-going, fun, responsible, smart and loving, he put romance and zest into her life. They fell madly in love and lived happily ever after.

This is a dating dream come true for most older, single women. Today, dating over 50 is just as common as dating at a younger age. However, there are profound differences in life circumstances and experiences. While Lena’s 24-year old son is still a person inrepparttar 149212 making, much of her personality is carved in stone.

Unfortunately, not all dating adventures of older singles have happy endings. More often than not, dating at a mature age comes with baggage. Ex wives, stepchildren, step-grandchildren, in-laws or out-laws just to name a few. Divorces, followed by revolving-door relationships, health problems, commitments and inflexible lifestyles can be added torepparttar 149213 list. This baggage prevents many singles from creating close relationships. With an increase of singles over 50, are we gearing up for a new generation of senior singles, even though most consider living alone undesirable? Here isrepparttar 149214 good news for all mature singles, who have not found their “one and only”. Whether they userepparttar 149215 Internet, dating agencies, single events or their doctor’s waiting room, precaution and safety rules apply equally.

As a mature person you have gained qualities such compassion, integrity, wisdom and patience, all of which nurture rewarding relationships. Unlike your children, you are most likely much better equipped for a loving relationship. Use exactly those qualities to find love and keep love. Avoid falling victim of clever-minded dating strategies inrepparttar 149216 modern world of romance. Youth isn’trepparttar 149217 only thing that guarantees dating success.

Successful relationships are based on three principles: mutual respect, moral responsibility and authenticity. These are also common-sense principles while dating and here is what they mean:

1.Mutual Respect: Others are just as valuable as you

Our generation has made history as ambassadors of a “me first” society. Much ofrepparttar 149218 dating advice today supports this attitude. Just make your wish list and check it against your date. You may find yourself relationship shopping, believing that you never have to compromise again. Yet, compromise is part of life, love and relationships. While dating should be fun, for most 50 plus singles it is about finding a life-mate. It should also be about giving your date a chance, instead of stereotyping. When you date, treat him with respect. Be on time, be interested in him and listen. If you are attracted to each other, share your likes and dislikes openly and encourage him to dorepparttar 149219 same. Don’t get lost in keeping score. Don’t tell him you are an outdoor enthusiast, ifrepparttar 149220 only trees you ever see are on TV. Respect that he is meeting you to determine if there is enough interest to warrant a second date. By all means give each other a chance. If you are not interested in him, don’t lead him on. You are mature and don’t need a black book filled with admirers. If you like him, but sense thatrepparttar 149221 feeling is not mutual, make it easy to callrepparttar 149222 quits. Treat your daterepparttar 149223 way you would want to be treated and you can never go wrong.

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