Understanding of I-Ching and Tai Chi

Written by C. Guan Soo

Understanding of I-Ching and Tai Chi

Tai Chi, The Great Ultimate, was found earliest inrepparttar Book of Change, or otherwise known as I-Ching. Legend said that this scripture has written byrepparttar 150220 first emperor ofrepparttar 150221 Zhou Dynasty - Zhou Wen Wang. Thus I-Ching is also known as Zhou-Yi.

I-Ching, orrepparttar 150222 Book of Change, with its name implies, stated that life is in constant flux of change. The word I (Yi in pinyin) means 'change' in Chinese. It is formed fromrepparttar 150223 characters ofrepparttar 150224 sun andrepparttar 150225 moon, which represents yang and yin respectively.

It has a verse stating, "Changes hasrepparttar 150226 Great Ultimate, which give rise torepparttar 150227 Two Elements. The Two Elements give rise torepparttar 150228 Four Phenomena, andrepparttar 150229 Four Phenomena give rise torepparttar 150230 Eight Hexagrams..."

Let’s begin withrepparttar 150231 word Tai Chi –repparttar 150232 Great Ultimate. It actually meansrepparttar 150233 earliest,repparttar 150234 beginning... of all events and things. In some case, it refers torepparttar 150235 Universe by ancient Chinese.

In one ofrepparttar 150236 scripture, it stated that "One yin and one yang isrepparttar 150237 Way..." This means thatrepparttar 150238 all changes of events and things inrepparttar 150239 universe come from this opposing, yet united forces of yin and yang.

This is why in from Tai Chi, there arises inrepparttar 150240 Two Elements - yin and yang. Take a look atrepparttar 150241 Tai Chi diagram, which is better known asrepparttar 150242 2-Fishes diagram in Chinese. It is a circle divided into 2 sections in proportion. The circle is representing Tai Chi, orrepparttar 150243 Universe Whole, and within this wholeness, there’srepparttar 150244 Two Elements.

The division ofrepparttar 150245 yin and yang in Tai Chi means that there are 2 opposing elements, represented byrepparttar 150246 black section and white section respectively. Yet,repparttar 150247 division is not a straight division, but a curved division – meaning thatrepparttar 150248 2 opposing elements actually accommodate each other in order to formrepparttar 150249 complete circle.

Firstly, this means that while it is divided as opposing elements – it is united in a way to formrepparttar 150250 complete wholeness. The opposing yet united forces of yin and yang becamerepparttar 150251 basis ofrepparttar 150252 thinking in I-Ching. And Tai Chi usesrepparttar 150253 concepts inrepparttar 150254 I-Ching,repparttar 150255 yin and yang elements asrepparttar 150256 core concepts to explainrepparttar 150257 both physical and meta-physical aspects ofrepparttar 150258 world.

Secondly,repparttar 150259 curved division gives a sense of balance. Here, we are talking about balancingrepparttar 150260 yin and yang elements here. There's this statement in I-Ching: "Whenrepparttar 150261 yin goes torepparttar 150262 extreme,repparttar 150263 yang is born. And whenrepparttar 150264 yang goes torepparttar 150265 extreme,repparttar 150266 yin is born".

Look atrepparttar 150267 2-fishes diagram again. If you go in counter-clock wise alongrepparttar 150268 diameter ofrepparttar 150269 Tai Chi circle, you will find that as one element grows more and more and reach its peak,repparttar 150270 other elements will begin to grow in replacement. For example, if you move alongrepparttar 150271 diameter onrepparttar 150272 black side, you will see thatrepparttar 150273 ‘half’ represented byrepparttar 150274 black will become bigger and bigger and then suddenly shrink andrepparttar 150275 white ‘half’ will begin to grow instead. This means that if one element goes torepparttar 150276 extreme,repparttar 150277 other will begin to set in.

What does this mean to us then? Simple: we have to balance our life in every aspect, and do not just focus only on one or a few. We have to balance between work and personal life, between family and friends, between material and spiritual, andrepparttar 150278 list goes on. Otherwise, there will be disharmony in our lives.

Breaking News: The Answer May Not Be In The Infomercial Financial course

Written by Steve Bailey

The other night, leg cramps kept me up at night so I found myself watching these various couples discuss their success over buying a Real Estate course in this infomercial, at 2AM.

The evidence that people are purchasing these "Sudden Wealth" programs are right there onrepparttar television screen in front of me.

After all,repparttar 150014 advertisers of these "Complete Kits" would not otherwise continue to pay for this advertising without continuous customers.

I'm *not* necessarily trying to say to you that it's _always_ a bad idea to call that 800 number and order.

... However, if you have a subtle, but conflicting dialog in your head while dialingrepparttar 150015 numbers onrepparttar 150016 phone...

- in other words, if you are going *against* your instincts -

.. then you are probably reinforcing one ofrepparttar 150017 following beliefs, unconsciously, by beingrepparttar 150018 willing consumer:

Belief #1. I am not "plugged in" enough to this Universe to ever receive justrepparttar 150019 right Avenue for my wealth, one that suits *me*. Things just don't work out for me that way, so I will force a solution by buying into this.

( can you guess how possibly unhappy someone's external circum- stances would be, with this belief? Guess what? If you exist, than you Are plugged in and do deserve perfect flow!)

Belief #2. "My Wealth is decided by External Forces, and this 'Guru'-sounding guy onrepparttar 150020 screen looks like he's got 'Inside Information' on these external forces, so I'd better get in on this."

Belief #3 "If I don't buy this program, than it means that I'm probably passing up onrepparttar 150021 incredible lifestyle I see inrepparttar 150022 background" -repparttar 150023 infomercial sponsers probably assume a mostly male audience, becauserepparttar 150024 most prominent "props" arerepparttar 150025 young, attractive women on a boat - which I'm not complaining about.

Other than reinforcing limiting beliefs, this kind of "Aimlessly Grasping outward", for solutions of getting more money is an ex- ample of

- Backward Thinking -

at least to me - and I'll explain why I think this isrepparttar 150026 case..

The *only* thing worth spending your investment of emotional and thought energy is:

What does *your* Ideal Life look like, fromrepparttar 150027 time you get up inrepparttar 150028 morning, to WHO you are with, WHAT you might doing, WHERE you live, etc..? Those ancient, and not so ancient writers such as Wallace Wattles, Charles Fillmore, Neville Goddard who wrote about Universal Principles, such asrepparttar 150029 Law of Attraction, truly ledrepparttar 150030 way on how to Radiaterepparttar 150031 proper emotionalized thoughts!


"Assumerepparttar 150032 Feeling ofrepparttar 150033 Wish Fulfilled." - Neville

It's a *simple* habit to get into - but not necessarily *easy* - to Visualize with Feeling a picture of what your ideal life is, on a daily basis.

I say "Not Easy", because: We put so much importance on our current physical reality.

Wallace Wattles said that this isrepparttar 150034 hardest work for us to to do ... We DO need to dwell on - with our thoughts - What we desire vs Reinforcing (with our attention),repparttar 150035 External appearances

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