Understanding an Ear Infection

Written by Joe Miller

Ear Infection

An ear infection is an infestation inrepparttar ear, caused by either bacteria or by virus. The adult ear infection andrepparttar 146033 inner ear infection are other names by which it is called. The scientific name is otitis media.

Ear Infection Causes

An ear infection may be caused by one or a combination ofrepparttar 146034 following factors. Withinrepparttar 146035 ear are tiny bones which help translate sound waves torepparttar 146036 brain. The sound waves travel to these bones throughrepparttar 146037 Eustachian tube, which in children is placed in more of a level position. When liquid is introduced torepparttar 146038 ear through swimming or bathing, and ifrepparttar 146039 liquid is not cleaned out by a swab, it may linger there and allow bacteria to fester. Thoughrepparttar 146040 Eustachian tube is more slanted in adults, similar infestation may occur if water is not cleared.

Even without water, ear wax may build up, also leavingrepparttar 146041 ear open to bacterial infestation. Ear wax build up should be cleared regularly, especially because viruses may speed uprepparttar 146042 possibility of infection.

Ear Infection Symptom

There are many ear infection symptom to be aware of. Feeling pressure inrepparttar 146043 ear, or even an earache, is indicative ofrepparttar 146044 general build up of fluid or pus inrepparttar 146045 infected area. The infection may cause dizziness, nausea, or a feeling of fatigue.

Stop Smoking For Good

Written by Sean Harder

Most of us have been fooled byrepparttar industry to believe that nicotine addiction isrepparttar 145981 problem that needs to be overcome in order to be successful. Drug companies are making a fortune with their gum, pills, and patches which do nothing more than make a prolonged withdrawal from nicotine. The truth is, that nicotine withdrawal lasts a maximum of 48-72 hours, and is only characterized by headache, some irritability, difficulty concentrating, and mild depression.

What you are really experiencing isrepparttar 145982 desire forrepparttar 145983 habit andrepparttar 145984 ritual. Most smokers have associated their smoking with various activities and cues. They use them to take a break and relax fromrepparttar 145985 situations they are in. They are also very unconscious about their smoking and when they start to keep track of how many cigarettes they haverepparttar 145986 numbers dramatically decrease. Up to half of all cigarettes smoked are not remembered or realized byrepparttar 145987 smoker. It is an automatic behavior.

Considerrepparttar 145988 following informal study:

A group of 120 smokers (who smoked at least a pack a day) were divided into three groups. Each time they had a craving, one group would go have a cigarette, one group would have to sit in a room and refrain from smoking, andrepparttar 145989 third group pretended to have a cigarette by using a straw that resembled a cigarette.

Interestingly, there was almost no difference in reduction of craving betweenrepparttar 145990 smoking group andrepparttar 145991 pretending group. They both had dramatic reduction in craving and increased well-being. The other group however, rated increased craving and anxiety.

After gettingrepparttar 145992 participants feedback we came to a few conclusions:

1. That smokers strongly associate their smoking to a feeling of distraction and taking a break.

2. That when they smoke, it isrepparttar 145993 only time they take time for themselves and breath deeply, invokingrepparttar 145994 relaxation response in their body. Remember, nicotine is a stimulant drug and does not promote relaxation.

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