Understanding Your Breasts: Making an Informed Decision About Breast Implants

Written by Larry Denton

A woman's breast is a gland that produces milk in late pregnancy and after childbirth. Each breast is made of lobes which are groups of milk glands called lobules. Lobules are arranged around thin tubes called ducts which carryrepparttar milk torepparttar 136364 nipple. These lobules and ducts make up what is referred to asrepparttar 136365 glandular tissue.

As with any gland or organ withinrepparttar 136366 human body, some imperfections are likely to occur. Perhaps you feel that your breasts are too small, poorly shaped, or maybe you have lost a breast to a disease like cancer.

Despite a decade of controversy over their safety, breast implants are more popular than ever among women who want to build upon what nature gave them or who want to restore what disease has taken away. Whateverrepparttar 136367 reason, opting for breast implants is a personal decision that should be made only after a woman fully understands and acceptsrepparttar 136368 potential risks ofrepparttar 136369 devices andrepparttar 136370 importance of follow-up evaluations with her physician.

According torepparttar 136371 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were nearly 255,000 breast enhancement implant procedures performed in 2003, nearly twicerepparttar 136372 number done in 1998. An additional 68,000 women received breast implants for reconstructive purposes following mastectomy due to cancer or other disease.

Breast implants are designed for augmentation, a cosmetic procedure; reconstruction; and replacement of existing implants, called revision. There are two primary types of implants: saline-filled and silicone gel-filled. Depending onrepparttar 136373 type of implant,repparttar 136374 shell is either pre-filled with a fixed volume of solution or filled through a valve duringrepparttar 136375 surgery torepparttar 136376 desired size. Breast implants vary in shape, size and shell texture.

I Will Be Silent

Written by Val K

For ‘Karim

“We used to have peace, but now we have only war.”—Halima

I will not speak ofrepparttar dead for that is another matter. I will not speak of those driven out of their homes to find shelter in a camp fenced with strings. I will not speak of those raped at dawn. Or of children shot inrepparttar 136290 head.

I will not speak of them.

I will not speak ofrepparttar 136291 woman, round and heavy, like me who will give birth to a child she’ll be ashamed to name. neither will I speak of a dozen other women, like her and a village which will beget bastards. I will not speak ofrepparttar 136292 slash—deep in my thigh, made by a knife: a brand of ownership,repparttar 136293 mark of a slave.

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