Understanding Transistor Data and Replacement

Written by Jestine Yong

If, for some reason, you can’t get an exact replacement forrepparttar transistor that you want to replace, you can refer to one ofrepparttar 138981 transistor substitution guides or book, and try to identify a “near replacement”. Beware, however. A substitution guide will sometimes list a replacement for your part, even thoughrepparttar 138982 two parts are not very similar. The most commonly used transistor substitution guides isrepparttar 138983 Philips ECG semiconductors Master Replacement Guide. Selectingrepparttar 138984 right transistor parameters or specifications forrepparttar 138985 equipment you repair will avoid callbacks from customers. Callbacks or repeated repairs due to wrong transistor substitution will cost you extra money and a waste of time.

Some important transistor parameters are:

Maximum collector-to-base voltage (VCBO) – The replacement part should have a VCBO rating equal to or higher thanrepparttar 138986 original.

Maximum collector-to-emitter voltage (VCEO) – The replacement part should have a VCEO rating equal to or higher thanrepparttar 138987 original.

Maximum emitter-to-base voltage (VEBO) – The replacement part should have a VEBO rating equal to or greater thanrepparttar 138988 original.

Maximum collector current (IC) – The replacement part should be able to handle as much (or more) collector current asrepparttar 138989 original.

Power dissipation (PD Watts) – The replacement part should be able to dissipate as much (or more) power asrepparttar 138990 original part.

Setting Up as a Electronic Repair Authorized Service Center

Written by Jestine Yong

If you plan to upgrade your workshop into an Authorized Service Center, this should guarantee plenty of work and a secure future. Setting up from scratch as an Authorized Service Center is not an easy job. Your workshop need to meetrepparttar manufacturers’ requirement first before they can appoint your company as an Authorized Service Center.

• Good track record – Manufacturer expect a company to have a good track record inrepparttar 138980 trade and have been around for a long time. • Accessibility – Easy for a manufacturer to deliver products to you for repair besides it save time. • Space – A company must have enough space to store their product. A light industrial unit will be fine for them. • Security – An alarm system is essential, door and windows must be protected so they are difficult to force. Any break in will cause you to lose business.

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