Understanding That Online Writing is Business Writing Will Make You a Fortune

Written by Christopher Kyalo

Never before inrepparttar history ofrepparttar 149127 business of writing have opportunities opened up and presented themselves in such a large quantity and scale for writers to easily win so much regular business and revenue.

If you know anything about writers of old you will know that they mostly starved, some to death. Yes, they often had to pay such a high price for their love of writing.

Today everything has changed so dramatically and so suddenly. Thanks mainly torepparttar 149128 internet andrepparttar 149129 huge hungry market it continues to build at high every day,repparttar 149130 business of writing has been changed forever.

Sadly however, many writers are yet to fully wake up torepparttar 149131 new realties ofrepparttar 149132 internet andrepparttar 149133 fresh and different business and revenue opportunities that are suddenly within such easy reach of any writer. Many offline writers are still stuck saying that they will never write $3 or $5 articles (see my article on this controversial subject at


Yetrepparttar 149134 same writers had no problem starting off their careers writing 10-cents-per-word articles inrepparttar 149135 old days. Some even wrote for publications that pay in copies and others that don’t even pay (just to get clippings of their published work. And yet those clippings were not anywhere near as effective as “online writing clippings” – that is your articles posted free at article sites, can be today).

But for you to succeed as an online writer you must first understand that all online writing is business writing. Inrepparttar 149136 bricks and mortar world business writing is writing about boring stocks and sometimes boring companies and trying to explain why they are so successful or why they have failed. Incidentally I personally find such writing fascinating.

In online writing,repparttar 149137 business writing is different. You can write on any subject, giving a lot of useful details and advice but inrepparttar 149138 end, you must find a way of getting readers to do what you want them to do. Your objective could be to get them to visit your website or blog for more information and this win higher traffic, which gives you many possibilities. Or your objective could be to get them to head straight to your affiliate website.

In other words your writing is always business writing becauserepparttar 149139 end objective is to sell something, even if it is just ideas. And yetrepparttar 149140 moment your writing looks like it is selling, it will be shunned and people will not want to come anywhere near your writing. A good example is this article that you are reading so eagerly. It is actually selling something. Get my point? The kind of writing articles do online is very different.

Quotations as expressions in life

Written by Brenda Wilson

Quotations are expressions, usually inrepparttar spoken form or in literature, which are referenced to by others. Usually, quotations are written within quotation marks, as a verbum dicendi, to indicate that it was an expression given by a particular person. Nowadays, quotations are usually referenced from sources such as literature, speeches, movie dialogues, interviews or even song lyrics.

Where are quotations used? Quotations are used for many reasons. Inrepparttar 148982 scientific arena, quotations are utilized to indicate a previous study that was conducted by another researcher, in which it is currently being referenced to. Inrepparttar 148983 media, quotations are used to report on what has been said by politicians, scientists, entertainers as well as business people. Over in modern literature, ideas and thoughts are reinforced throughrepparttar 148984 used of quotations that are revered to or regarded as respected. Certain quotations contain universal truths, which are elaborated to support a point to be made. These are also sometimes known as maxims.

Apart from that, there are also beautiful quotations which are thought to be artistic expressions of a certain language form. Sometimes these expressions can be found in poetry or old literature. Furthermore, some quotations are just used because they remindrepparttar 148985 writer of a memorable piece of work or movie.

Proper credit torepparttar 148986 originator It is of ultimate importance to includerepparttar 148987 name ofrepparttar 148988 person whomrepparttar 148989 quotation originated from, afterrepparttar 148990 statement ofrepparttar 148991 quotation. This is in order to give proper credit torepparttar 148992 person who first thought of that particular quote, and whom has given itrepparttar 148993 meaning that it has today. Sometimes quotations are used to even reflectrepparttar 148994 personality ofrepparttar 148995 original author, either to show great wisdom, great creativity and sometimes even great foolishness!

Reflection of culture Quotations may even come inrepparttar 148996 form of proverbs, which is born out ofrepparttar 148997 culture and history of a people or nation. Usually, these proverbs are hundreds or even thousands of years old which have been preserved tillrepparttar 148998 modern age today. The Bible is one important source of quotation which has withstoodrepparttar 148999 test of time and therefore is one ofrepparttar 149000 most widely source of quotes forrepparttar 149001 past hundreds or even thousands of years.

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