Understanding Search engine optimization and its’ real impact on your website

Written by Chris K.

Search engine optimization is something that nobody with an online presence can afford to ignore.

The main reason for this emerges fromrepparttar fact that well over 75 per cent ofrepparttar 150096 traffic that any website receives will usually come from search engines. Like it or not, search engines are stillrepparttar 150097 favorite method used by most in seeking for information and web.

Research has also clearly shown that most people rarely go beyondrepparttar 150098 first two pages of search results. What this means is that your raking, orrepparttar 150099 order in which you appear in most search engine popular searches will make a huge difference inrepparttar 150100 traffic that you end up receiving at your website or blog.

This is where search engine optimization comes in. It is simply doing various things to ensure that your website or blog features as high up as possible in search engine results in your particular area of interest.

The other important aspect that most people forget is thatrepparttar 150101 search engines themselves are in competition with other search engines to providerepparttar 150102 most detailed and informative content in all searches that are done at their sites. Everythingrepparttar 150103 search engines do in determining rankings are driven by their desire to better other competing search engines.

Understanding this motivation in search engines is important because quite often search engines have been portrayed as having taken decisions that are not understandable and which may appear not to make any sense to those whose search engine rankings drop suddenly and seemingly without any warning.

Optimize Your Website or Get Lost in the Crowd!

Written by Allan Gunneson

It used to be that designing an attractive website to promote your company and products was fairly straightforward. After you designed your site and built a few keywords intorepparttar code, you would simply submitrepparttar 149590 site torepparttar 149591 search engines or a directory, grab an iced tea and wait forrepparttar 149592 traffic.

That model worked fairly well in 1996 but if you are still following this strategy in 2005, you are effectively non-existent onrepparttar 149593 internet. Why? There are now dozens of search engines and directories and somewhere inrepparttar 149594 area of 80 million websites onrepparttar 149595 www. Still think folks are finding you?

So how doesrepparttar 149596 average consumer find your company? They type in a couple of keywords into a search engine and are then presented with thousands of your competitors’ websites.

Let’s say your company is Walt’s Widgets. You have a pretty website with pictures of your widgets, a nice “about us” page, maybe some employee pictures and a picture of your beautiful building. It all looks good onrepparttar 149597 website but when Mr. Consumer types “widgets” into Google, poor old Walt’s Widgets is on page 620 ofrepparttar 149598 search results!

How can this be? Your site is not optimized forrepparttar 149599 search engines and is not being indexed byrepparttar 149600 search engine spiders and robots so you aren’t being seen!

Research has shown thatrepparttar 149601 average surfer will only reviewrepparttar 149602 first three pages of search results and will not drill down any deeper. If you are on page 62, you effectively don’t exist!

Surfers and search engines view a website completely differently and for you to appear onrepparttar 149603 first three pages of search results is critical to your continued profitability. You must know whatrepparttar 149604 search engines are looking for, what relevance they are placing on your keywords, what elements of your site have a “welcome sign” forrepparttar 149605 spiders and, most importantly, know what keywordsrepparttar 149606 surfer is using in his search. Just because you sell widgets it doesn’t mean that “widgets” isrepparttar 149607 term being usedrepparttar 149608 most by surfers when looking for your product.

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