Understanding Search Engines

Written by Carl Hruza

Marketing products and/or services onrepparttar Internet seems to be direction taken by many of todays businesses. However, are we really prepared for whatrepparttar 128210 Internet has to offer? and are we equiped withrepparttar 128211 tools and knowledge to exploitrepparttar 128212 web and make our web based businesses successful? In most casesrepparttar 128213 answer is NO. Why? - some simple statistics offerrepparttar 128214 answer: 1) - only 16% of allrepparttar 128215 web pages submitted for registration torepparttar 128216 Internet search engine are actually registered or 'indexed' 2) - 95% ofrepparttar 128217 business web sites that are indexed byrepparttar 128218 search engines are listed outside ofrepparttar 128219 top two pages of searches returned against keywords that describerepparttar 128220 products or services offered byrepparttar 128221 particular business. What does all this mean? Simple. Your site is invisible to potential customers searching for your products and you may as well not be there! Without visibility throughrepparttar 128222 leading search engines you must turn to other forms of marketing your presence. These are often expensive and very unpredictable. So what options do you have? The most sensible is to employ a specialsit organization to improve your search engine listing or position. This can be expensive depending onrepparttar 128223 competition for your particular 'keywords', but in most cases a radical improvement in search positions can be attained. Follows is a brief summary of whatrepparttar 128224 search engines are and how they work. This is an essential starting point for anyone serious about Internet trading or 'E-Commerce' Search Engines And How They Work.

What is a 'search engine'? It is a software utility or program that is used to find information onrepparttar 128225 Internet, related to a specific subject that is being sought byrepparttar 128226 user.

How do I use it? You log on to a particular search engine web site, such as Alta-Vista or Excite, where you are presented with an 'input' box, allowing text relating torepparttar 128227 subject for which you are searching to be entered. The text may be inputted as a single word or a string of text. It may be with or without capitalization, abbreviation, punctuation or parenthesis. The inputted text is termed a 'keyword' or 'keyword phrase'. These keywords are used byrepparttar 128228 search engines to retrieve web pages withrepparttar 128229 required subject matter, which are then presented to you for selection and viewing.

How do I get my site listed onrepparttar 128230 search engines? In order for a web page or site to be found byrepparttar 128231 search engine it must first be indexed, that is a record of it's existence made byrepparttar 128232 search engine in it's extensive library or data base of pages. If your site is not indexed by a search engine, then it can only be found in one of two ways: Through direct input ofrepparttar 128233 URL or site address intorepparttar 128234 location bar ofrepparttar 128235 web browser, (user must have prior knowledge ofrepparttar 128236 site address), or: By clicking a 'Hyperlink' or advertising banner that connects directly torepparttar 128237 site. For a site to be 'visible', it must therefore be indexed by repparttar 128238 search engines. To have a site indexed by a search engine,repparttar 128239 site URL or address must be individually submitted to each search engine. The search engines are programmed to examinerepparttar 128240 pages of a site (sometimes called spidering) and record specific information aboutrepparttar 128241 site, in a manner that permits easy retrieval ofrepparttar 128242 relevant pages, when called to do so during a user search. What is search engine 'ranking' or 'positioning', and how is it important? Most people or businesses that have Internet presence do so because they want to be visible, they want to inform others of their products and services. The Internet if utilized correctly isrepparttar 128243 perfect medium for attracting prospective customers to your business. The most effective method of generating traffic to your site is throughrepparttar 128244 search engines, i.e. someone is searchingrepparttar 128245 Internet for a product that you happen to offer, and your web site is presented, along with others, to be viewed byrepparttar 128246 searcher. The problem is one of volume. For example, if repparttar 128247 user entersrepparttar 128248 keywords 'surfing in California', and a list of 20,000 web sites is returned, then 19,950 are probably going to be ignored,repparttar 128249 user will generally find what he needs inrepparttar 128250 first 50 or so. In other words, if your site is all about surfing in California, and you are not positioned or ranked inrepparttar 128251 top 50 of sites that are presented torepparttar 128252 user, then you may as well not be there.

3 Yahoo! Submission Tips You Haven't Heard

Written by Chrisi Darrington

Tip 1 Do Not Over Sumit Your Site

Yahoo! editors consider it spam when you submit your web site over and over again without due cause. What's due cause? Submit your site once, if it's not listed in three weeks, submit again, if it's still not listed do not submit again. Readrepparttar following example email and request help from Yahoo! support. Taking this route will help you avoid being banned because of spamming.

Support email address (only use this if you qualify to do so. Do NOT abuse this support address or you will pay a high penalty... as in they will ban you forever.)

Support email address: url-support@yahoo-inc.com

Dear Yahoo! Support,

I have submitted my web site twice to your directory as of ______(putrepparttar 128209 starting date in that blank spot) Is it possible that I need to make some changes before I qualify to be listed in your directory? My web site address is: ____(put your URL in that spot)

I realize that it's also possible that with allrepparttar 128210 submissions you may have missed my submission. I submitted my site on two separate occasions, _____ and _____ (placerepparttar 128211 dates there) I believe I have a professional web site that is of high quality and interest. (If your web site has won any awards or you have any testimonials from pleased visitors, mention this as well.) My web site continues to receive high praise from many of my visitors. I've also won a "Hot Site" and "Best ofrepparttar 128212 Best" award. (Or... I've won several awards)

I would very much appreciate it if you would consider my site, _____(place your site title there) inrepparttar 128213 most sought after directory online. Please let me know if I need to resubmit my site and if there are any corrections or suggestions you may have.

My email address is_____ and I am most happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I value your input and look forward to any comments you may have.

My sincere gratitude, ___________

Reword this example so that Yahoo! doesn't get suspicious when they receive multiple inquiries withrepparttar 128214 exact same wording.

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